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Welcome to Vision Lighting

We are a Leeds based lighting manufacturer in the UK that offers cutting-edge, modern sign lights and LED trough lighting for businesses, suppliers, and organisations across the country.

In the decade or so we have been operating, we have spent time refining and honing our product development so that we only offer the best, most perfect products that will offer stunning illumination, and last for years and years to come. On our site, you'll find a wide range of products that suit all needs, from large-scale factories that need lighting applications for security reasons to LED shop lights, outdoor sign lighting, and smaller floodlights that are perfect for domestic properties.

Whatever it is that you're looking for, be it quality LED sign lighting for commercial sign illumination, or some sign light accessories such as brackets, junction boxes, or LED bulbs, we're confident that we'll have the right product for you. Our team, who are continuously committed to improving quality and are experts in efficient LED sign lighting, and our ISO 9001 Certification, are just two of the things that make Vision Lighting so great.

We know that you don't think about lighting solutions until the time comes to find one. Thankfully, when that time does come you can rely on us to listen to your requirements, be that as a supplier who needs quality sign lighting solutions for their next job, or as a shop owner who needs a waterproof LED trough light to illuminate their entrance. We'll use our experience to come up with a fantastic, bespoke set of items that are right for you! Very often customers come to us after enduring poor performance, unreliability, and lack of durability from their existing products. As leading lighting specialists with a robust global supply chain and rigorous testing, especially for sign lights such as Nanolight, we can guarantee that our products will perform well, are reliable, and will be incredibly durable.

To learn more about us, our products, and the benefits of working with LED lighting manufacturers in the UK who know what you need, feel free to visit our product pages, alternatively, why not contact us? You can reach out to us by email at or give us a call at +44 (0) 1132 799 745. We look forward to hearing from you and discovering how our products can best help you.

Some of our LED Sign Light Products

Few lighting manufacturers in the UK offer the same amount of products, and cutting-edge technology, as we do here at Vision Lighting. It's not just that we have LED shops lights, floodlights, and trough lighting that is big and small, and ideal for all premises and applications. It’s that these products are backed up by the latest innovations and certifications that all but guarantee that they will require very little maintenance during their lifetime. What follows are just four of our most popular product ranges but, rest assured, we supply sign lighting in a variety of different formats other than the ones mentioned, such as LED strips, LED modules and ceiling panels for appropriate office lighting, as well as power supplies.

Nanolight - The Most Waterproof Sign Light In The UK.

Our Nanolight is our very own LED sign light, commonly known as a trough light. Trough lights are extremely popular and great for illuminating shop signs, pub signs, or restaurant signs. After spending years refining the Nanolight, in April 2017, we eventually created, and launched, the most efficient, robust product on the market. We’ve created a trough light that consumes 11.5 Watts per metre, gives off a truly incredible 2185 Lumens per metre and is tested to an unprecedented IP66 rating, which is something that has yet to be matched by another product. This incredible light output is powered by Tridonic LED drivers and everything is housed in a sleek design that can be powder coated to any colour thanks to our in-house colour coating facility, featuring the very latest equipment.

Purchase your Nanolight, or Nanolight Pictorial set today.

Modules - Coming In All Shapes And Sizes, We Have The One For You.

Our modules can be used for limitless applications and, because of their small size, can be installed in the most hard-to-reach places without sacrificing illumination. Their precise design comes in three different versions, single, double, and triple modules, offering up to 1 Watt of energy. We also sell LED bars that offer stunning light output. Our team can help you, when it comes time to choose products for this range, and provide you with a free module layout based on your information and requirements. They’ll also select products from this range, along with the correct power supplies, that they feel are perfectly suited for what you need. This should give you peace of mind knowing you'll only be purchasing the amount of LED modules and LED bars that you need, no more, no less.

Visit our LED Modules page to purchase yours today.

Floodlights - From Commercial Properties To Homes, Let Our Floodlights Light The Way.

Floodlights offer remarkable illumination for hours and can help people keep property secure, ensure staff and visitors can see where they are going, and illuminate business signage, especially pubs and breweries so passersby recognise the company immediately. We sell 10 different floodlights for commercial and domestic use so no matter what you want them for, we can help. From smaller floodlights that are great at keeping the backdoor of a property well lit, and visible, to incredible 100W security floodlights that will make sure every inch of your warehouse or factory is illuminated to make CCTV as effective as possible and to ward off any potential security threat in the first place.

View our range of Floodlights, and purchase yours, today.

Wall Brackets - Rest Easy Knowing Your Vision Lighting Bracket Is Keeping Things Secure.

Your amazing new trough light or LED sign light is nothing if it isn't fixed to a solid well-made bracket that can support it even in the worst weather conditions. Luckily, we have a selection of different wall brackets that can be fixed to any part of a building to ensure your lighting solutions are optimised for your specific needs. Need a bracket that can house a light that bends around a corner? We have the solution. Need a pictorial bracket to illuminate a double-sided sign? We can easily offer a bespoke solution for that. With the user in mind, we created a series of brackets that are as easy to install as they are robust and tough. There are no fiddly components or procedures, just a small handful of nuts and bolts. Before you know it, your new trough light will sit proudly on your commercial or domestic property.

Browse our Fixing Brackets and find the ones that suit you.

The Most Waterproof LED
Trough Light in the World

LED Sign Light for Double Sided Signs: Nanolight Pictorial Set IP66 Waterproof Trough Light

Why Choose Vision Lighting For Your Sign Lighting Needs?

Aside from our passion to provide the best LED lighting solutions, and our obsessive pursuit of the latest technology to make brighter, more efficient trough lights and sign lights - there are plenty of reasons to choose Vision Lighting.

One of the main reasons is the fact that we are certified to the rigorous ISO 9001 standard for quality management. This is not only a difficult certification to achieve, thanks to its requirement to consistently show that we can provide products that meet high-quality standards which conform to their design specification consistently, but it is the only standard that is accredited by the UK Government’s national accreditation body, UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) Management Systems. Being, in effect, Government-backed like this is rare and something that should give your business peace of mind the next time you look to purchase exterior sign lighting.

Secondly, our delivery times are truly remarkable, we offer super-fast turnaround times and can have any one of our products delivered to you either the next day or within one to two working days. This means that you never have to wait in the dark for our products and, before you know it, the shop front, business signage, garden, or pub that you're working on will be illuminated by exterior sign lighting or floodlights.

A third reason to choose us is the fact that we test our products to the absolute limits. Everything that we sell that requires it, is tested to an Ingress Protection rating of at least 65. In several instances, we have products, such as our Nanolight and some of our larger floodlights, that have been tested even further to an IP rating of 66. These ratings tell you that our products will never be affected by external factors such as rain, dust, or pollution and have been stretched to such a limit that you never have to worry about it breaking.

Who Our Range of Excellent Products Can Help

We can help anyone, be they individual homeowners who want to light their property in a better way, to businesses who want sign lighting for themselves, or for their clients who they are helping by offering their services. Specifically, however, we tend to help people who then go on to fit our products as part of their service.

For tradesmen and women, they need to be able to rely on a UK lighting manufacturer and feel safe in the knowledge that the products they need to complete their job are going to arrive on time and be ready to go from the moment that they are installed. We understand the knock-on effects that poor product quality can have on a business's income, hence the reason we obsessively test and innovate. What follows are just three of the key people we help with our products.

Sign Makers

Our range of modules, LED strips, and Nanolight are loved by sign makers who spend their days creating impactful business signage for their clients. Our products put the finishing touches to their hard work and help to create a logo that fits with the clients branding and ensures it catches the eye of passers-by.


Our easy to install sign lights and floodlights are used by electricians who help their clients by creating bespoke, secure lighting solutions. The easy installation process that comes with our solutions makes optimising them and ensuring they work right the first time, simple and stress-free. This allows electricians to focus on doing their job safely, and not worry about the quality of the products.


Creating an impactful shop layout, and making sure everything is fitted on time, is stressful enough without worrying about whether the lighting solutions you've bought for the job are going to work. Shopfitters who work with Vision Lighting never have to worry about this and can install our products for their clients with ease. The trough lights and sign lights we sell can be used to illuminate shop fronts and signs that inform customers of opening hours and what is sold in the store.

Get In Touch To Learn More

With our base being in the great city of Leeds, we can offer delivery to suppliers and end-users across the UK, so no matter where you are, be it Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, or further afield, we're confident we can help. For more information feel free to get in touch with us by email at or give us a call at +44(0) 1132 799 745.

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