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30W Floodlights

With over 9 years of providing excellent quality and workmanship, Vision Lighting has specialised in the LED floodlights industry for use in sign lighting and all other commercial lighting applications. We supply a variety of high-efficiency LED floodlights for commercial use, domestic use, and nationwide rollouts.

With years of experience providing both suppliers and customers with solutions for their exterior lighting, we've spent the last decade strengthening our company to make sure that we have the best quality, most cutting-edge lighting products that can last a very long time.

Our lighting manufacturers in Leeds, West Yorkshire, also produce and provide an extensive range of LED sign lights, trough lights, and other lighting accessories such as LED strip lights and bulbs, all of which are extremely energy efficient and provide a range of security features.

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The Variety Of Floodlights We Sell At Vision Lighting

Whether you are looking to illuminate the exterior of your storefront, hotel or your home, we offer a variety of high-efficiency LED floodlights that are suited to any property or setting you desire.

We provide a total of ten different floodlights, all of which vary in function and appearance and have exceptional performance. They can all be used for a varied range of purposes and functionalities - whether it be for protection and security - or to simply light up your drive or exterior. We have everything from miniature 30W floodlights, which are ideal for domestic garden lighting, to 13000 Lumen security floodlights, which are highly advanced in security, ensuring everything around the exterior of your property is captured on CCTV - all while keeping the area well lit.

Each of the security floodlights that we supply has been professionally IP tested and have an IP rating of at least 65. Therefore, they have matched all of the necessary security requirements, have undergone extensive testing, and will by no means be damaged by any components entering and altering the LED electric lights within.

All of our floodlighting products and solutions are extremely cost-effective and competitive – each of our prices includes VAT.

  • TradeLED Osram floodlights - starting at just £36

  • JCC LED floodlights – starting at just £10.80

What Is The 30w Floodlight Suitable For?

Osram's driverless LED technology powers the TradeLED 30W LED Floodlight. It has a significant light output of 3900 Lumens matched with a light efficiency of 130 Lumens per Watt. It is certainly built to last, with an IP66 rating against water and dust entry. The IP rating, or Ingress Protection code, determines and rates the degree of protection against dust, water and other unwanted component ingresses. This floodlight has an ingress protection rating of 66, meaning it is dust-tight and heavily protected against water.

The Osram 30W floodlight also has a rather sleek, trendy and modish design, fitted with frosted, tempered glass. It has an extensive lamp life of around 50,000 hours on average, making this product reliable and durable.

All of these features combined together make the 30W floodlight ideally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With it being resistant to weather damage or disruption and high on the IP scale, it is perfectly safe to install your LED floodlight outdoors. Our 30W floodlights are exceedingly popular with exterior sign designers, commercial and shopfitters and electrical contractors, with them being extremely suitable for installing exterior sign lighting for the likes of pubs, restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, industrial units, parking lots and all other commercial and business settings.

You can have your 30W floodlight fastened into one of our very own floodlight wall mount brackets using the set of coach bolts provided for more projection. if you desire extra sign illumination of larger areas or for additional light spread control - this adds extra security to your larger spaces. Yes – this is a floodlight suitable for large areas, and just to emphasize further, you can also install your floodlight outdoors using an external PIR sensor to detect motion. A wall mount will also allow your floodlight to have an adjustable angle.

Available in cool white and warm white LED colours, 30W floodlights are ideal for the garden, with a large 1m power cable being enough to provide ideal garden lights.

How Bright Is A 30w Floodlight?

The 30W floodlight is usually equal to a 300W halogen floodlight. All LED light’s brightness and lighting outputs are measured in lumens. Customers should really consider the aesthetic they desire to create and the intended look they wish to receive from the correct LED floodlights in order to determine if the brightness is actually good enough to suit their lighting and security requirements – different lights produce different shades and outputs.

The Osram LED 30w floodlight has an astounding total of 3900 Lumens and a highly efficient light output of 130 Lumens per Watt. It is available in two colour temperatures: 6000k cool white and 3000k warm white. You may not want your lighting to be too bright or white if you’re after a more relaxing look or you might want the brightest lighting to deter criminals and have clearer CCTV footage. Most notably, this slim floodlight has an ambient temperature range working between -20℃ and 45℃.

Why Purchase Your Floodlights From Vision Lighting?

Our LED floodlights are available to install outside pubs, restaurants, hotels and billboards to illuminate your property. Whether you’re after a 50W LED floodlight or a 100W floodlight, we have a variety of multi-use floodlights for all purposes.

We have an extensive range of other floodlights available, spanning from small 30W floodlights to large 100W floodlights with 13000 Lumens. To view our full selection of floodlights, security, PIR, or memory functionality, visit our LED Floodlight page.

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