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The technology behind LED modules is quite something and, here at Vision Lighting, we're proud to offer a module range that is cutting-edge, concise, and full of the latest features. We'll explain, on this page, the three different professional LED modules that we sell, as well as background information about the different types that are around, and how our power supplies can ensure a stable, simple solution to your LED needs.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, providing trough lighting, sign lighting, and other lighting solutions to businesses across the UK, we're confident that the energy-efficient module range that we have on offer is unlike anything else on the market - they are the perfect product. Speaking of LED products, we also sell a range of other simple solutions that are cutting-edge, and truly unique, in particular, our Nanolight is a trough light that is unlike anything that is out there today, we also sell a comprehensive range of floodlights, and LED strips.

From illuminated signs from lightboxes to built-up 3D letters, advertising panels, internal double-sided projecting signs, and double-sided advertising panels - our flexible solutions can ensure you have a balanced distribution of light quickly, too, thanks to our simple installation. Being based in Leeds, as a premium lighting manufacturer, means we're able to help your company no matter where you are in the north-west, or the UK. We love knowing that once our technology is installed, business owners never have to worry about their business sign, opening hours, or company branding not being illuminated by stunning light that has a great lumen output range.

The great thing about these efficient solutions is that, because we stock so many, we can have them sent to you by next day delivery so you barely have to wait 24 hours before you're benefiting from the perfect products that we have spent years honing and refining. You'll soon be known as the business in your local area that always looks welcoming and open to any potential customers that are walking or driving past - this, in a competitive world, is vital! It may seem trivial but the suitable light output, and the sign lighting, can be the difference between people entering or walking past.

To learn more about our innovative manufacturing technology, the modules we sell, and the high level of customer service that we offer, please read on. Or, to discuss our solutions in more detail, feel free to get in touch with our team who will happily listen to your requirements and offer bespoke solutions based on those needs - you can get in touch by phone at +44 (0) 1132 799745, or email us at

What Is An LED Module?

An LED module is a small piece of technology that houses an individual LED (light-emitting diode) which itself is a semiconductor light source that emits light when a current flows through it. Electrons found in the semiconductor, which are in the modules, combine with electron holes that produce photons (light, to you and I) that can be used to power wall lights, T8 tubes, and ceiling panels. The LED is almost always part of a string of other modules that can be plugged in and used for lighting signs.

In almost every way, LED modules are a better option than traditional filament bulbs, not only do they last far, far longer (thanks to technology, our selection of modules can last up to 50,000 hours! Which is the equivalent of 5.7 years!) but they offer much more in the way of energy efficiency, and can provide you with a range of colours to suit your branding. The adjustable colour temperature feature is also common on RGB LED modules, a topic we'll look at further down the page.

We work with suppliers and individual businesses who either use, or supply, this product type and, every time we ask how they found them, they almost always love the fact that this malleable product is reliable, consistent, and can be left on overnight, which enhances existing security features, and gives greater peace of mind. The strings of modules that we sell make up the perfect product because they can be fitted around signs, within them, and in hard-to-reach areas, without sacrificing the level of light output.

When you choose to work with Vision Lighting, you can send us drawings or artwork of the business signage, logo, concession stand, or advertising panels that you intend to illuminate using these products, and we'll provide you, as part of our service, a free layout that will recommend the best-LED modules, and power supplies. So, if after viewing our wide range of LED products, you're a bit confused, this complimentary service should help you enjoy a successful transition into LED lighting solutions.

History Of This LED Product Type

It's clear, then, that LED modules, LED sign lights, and other LED accessories, are the most efficient and simple solution out there. This form of solid-state lighting (a term that refers to the type of light that is produced, ‘solid-state’ which means it never flickers or dims) produces incredible light from an area no bigger than a fingernail and does it in a directed, targeted way so there is no need to install diffusers or reflectors. But, how did this technology come to be? In this section, we're going to be looking back at the history of the LED, and the LED module, and the significant product developments that occurred to get us to a place where we enjoy this perfect product daily.

The first practical use of a light-emitting diode can be traced back to the early '60s where two men, Robert Biard and Gary Pittman, inadvertently created an infrared diode which meant it couldn't be seen by the human eye. It was an accident as Biard and Pittman were working for Texas Instruments, trying to create a laser diode. In 1962, a year after this accident, Nick Holonyak Jr invested what we would call the first LED, this diode only produced red light and was snapped up by US conglomerate General Electric (GE), who he worked for at the time, to light up their signage. This invention earned Holonyak Jr the title: 'Father of the Light Emitting Diode'.

Throughout the '60s experiments were done to try and create the perfect product, orange LEDs were the next colour to be created thanks to the use of Gallium Phosphide, which helped create brighter lights. In 1972, the first lot of LEDs were mixed, which helped paved the way for a range of different light colours, such as pale yellow, this was created by Monsanto Company employee M. George Craford. Monsanto became the first company to mass-produce LEDs for businesses and people alike as a result of Craford’s invention.

Ever since then, LEDs have become more sophisticated, which has led to greater savings in energy and increased use in more and more applications, as an alternative to traditional lighting solutions. The use of different chemicals in the 1980s and 1990s meant that a broader range of colours was soon to become available. All this innovation, and clear energy-saving qualities, led companies and governments to incentivise the use of this product. Today, LEDs are six to seven times more efficient, and use 80% less energy - as accidents go, it doesn't get much better than that.

Our Range Of Products

After a brief look at the past, let's now look at the present day, specifically, our modules. Our range is comprehensive, bespoke, and tested to, at least, an IP rating of 65, ensuring they can withstand anything that the elements throw at them, from wind and rain to dust and particles, nothing will get into your rows of modules to disrupt the light distribution or efficiency of the product. The great thing about our strings of modules, be it the single, double, or triple product, is that they can be installed and placed pretty much everywhere for a host of different purposes.

From simple sign lighting, right the way through to more specific applications such as illuminating products on a concession stand, they can be used anywhere. Here, then, are our three different LED modules that we sell, and, remember, you can send us drawings or plans of your lighting if you're unsure which is best for you, and we can provide you with a completely free recommendation!

TradeLED, Mini LED Module - 0.24W, 12V, IP Rating 67, CV, 200Pcs Bag

The mini LEDs that we sell here at Vision Lighting are, by definition, very small and are the tiniest module that we have on offer. This 0.24W, 12V module starts at £96 (inc VAT) for 200 modules that are spread out across four strings of 40. And, because of its miniature size, it can be fitted virtually anywhere, and still produce a stunning amount of light thanks to its domed lens, which creates a comprehensive 160-degree beam angle. This TradeLED Mini LED module is available in two colours, cool white and warm white, both of which set a unique tone and can be used as a security deterrent or provide an inviting warmth to a company logo. Another key USP for these indoor and outdoor LED modules is that they are tested to an IP67 rating, the same as our Nanolight. This test, which is two steps above the industry standard IP65, involves spraying 300L of water at the product from a firehose, from all directions, for three minutes. These Mini LED modules have been subjected to this and their contents have been bone dry by the end of it - this all but guarantees they won't be damaged once you have installed them.

TradeLED, Double LED Module - 0.72W, 6500K,12V, IP Rating 65, CV, 100Pcs Bag

The double LED module that we offer features two LEDs per module, is tested to the industry standard IP65, runs on 12 volts and gives off 0.72 watts. This mid-range module is the perfect product for illuminating signs such as lightboxes and built up letters that are around 80-150mm in depth. Similar to the mini-module and, in fact, the triple version, this product has a targeted beam angle of around 160 degrees which creates appropriate illumination at a specific area, without the need for additional equipment to direct the light. Prices for this product start at £51.60 including VAT and come with 100 double modules separated across five strings of 20. Something that is loved by our customers is the comprehensive 5-year warranty that we offer with this, and our other, LED modules. In the unlikely event that something were to happen to these products, there is a very simple solution - get in touch with our team who will supply you with a new set, in most cases, the next day!

TradeLED, Triple LED Module - 1W, 6500K, 12V, IP Rating 65, CV, 100Pcs Bag

The largest module that we sell, which comes in packs of 100, as five strings of 20, is great for when you need a great deal of lighting, maximum energy efficiency, and a high lumen output range. This triple LED module features three powerful diodes that have been tested to an ingress standard of 65, making them perfect for keeping out dust and water. With a simple installation, you can fit these lighting solutions to signs with around 80-150mm depth. A popular choice for our customers, this product gives out 100 lumens per module which help to create stunning illumination and one of the highest performing indoor and outdoor LED modules out there. Prices for this module start at £63.60, including VAT, and are available in a cool white light only. We chose to supply this product, not only because it's highly energy-efficient, but because it is of the highest quality, with incredible durability. Also, because they are on a string, they can be installed in countless different ways such as around bends, curves, and straight lines. The cable between the modules can be cut to change the number of modules being installed from the string.

What Are The Different Types Of LEDs?

These LED Modules are just one type of product that has a high lumen output range, clever technology, simple installation, and a selection of other beneficial features. However, there are other types of LEDs out there that may turn out to be more suitable and, in your product search, you may come across these. Broadly, there are three types of LED lighting technology, which are as follows.

  1. Dual In-Line package LEDs - The classic LED, dual in-line page (DIP) LEDs are the original technology and 'look' most like an LED. Due to their small size, you'll find them in a lot of applications, and they are extremely common in a range of different applications, big and small, as well as across industries. However, due to their size, they aren't as bright as maybe one would like, for instance, their lumens may be smaller because of the rudimentary nature of the product.

  2. Surface Mounted Diode LEDs - A very common type of LED chip, surface mounted diodes (SMD) are even smaller and brighter. The SMD is soldered onto a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and is favoured by many people because you can put three diodes on a single SMD chip and thus enjoy different colour temperatures because the diodes can be mixed to create new single colours. There are two commonly used SMD chips - SMD 3528 and SMD 5050, both of which are popular, with the latter being 5mm, and the former coming in at around 3.5mm. A key feature of this type of board relates to the individual diodes that are soldered to the PCB board, if one fails, the rest of the board will still provide its illumination.

  3. Chip On Board LEDs - The most cutting-edge LED technology, chip on board (COB) LEDs are the brightest, most simple solution out there and can pack between 7-9 diodes onto a single chip! These create brighter lights and more energy-efficient products. However, their colour appearance remains the same because the circuitry makeup prohibits the ability to create different colour temperatures.

LED Modules For Signs

For signage, LED modules are a simple solution to what is usually a difficult problem. Thanks to something called the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) LED modules ensure that your signage and logos look the way they should. The CRI is an index that measures how effective a lighting solution is at ensuring the colour of the object it is lighting is displayed accurately. The CRI is measured on a scale of 1-100 and for sign lighting, customers should look for a CRI rating of 80 and above. With stable colour temperatures on all our modules, you can rest assured that signs will be correctly lit, and will look extremely welcoming and appealing to potential customers.

Also, the LED modules for signs and logos that we offer are all fitted with adhesive tape from reputable conglomerate 3M, which all but guarantees that your modules will stay fixed, illuminating your intended object for months and years to come. LED modules, such as the ones we offer, can also create stunning backlight thanks to the uniformity of illumination and ability to produce a high lumen output from a low wattage. This is a combination that helps to create impressive results and brilliant light at a low running cost.

RGB Colour LED Modules

A key trait of diodes is that they can be combined to create different RGB colours - perfect if you're looking for a brand-specific colour, or want to set a certain mood with your modules. These types of modules, which will soon be available at Vision lighting, are made of a red, green, and blue diode (hence the term RGB colour) and, as a result, can be combined into any number of colours. Favoured by a lot of businesses, RGB colour LED modules can be operated by WiFi connected devices, and remotes, making changing colour, and turning it on and off, as easy as pressing a button.

How Our Power Supplies Can Help You Create The Perfect Product

Creating the ideal light solution is, of course, about selecting the right module but it's also about choosing the correct power supply. Here at Vision Lighting, we know this, which is why we offer power supplies from Mean Well that can help you regulate current and voltage.

Also, the power supplies that we sell have built-in surge protection that can stop any excess power damaging components, wiring or soldering that helps to keep the module running. Like we mentioned earlier, our team can provide you with solution recommendations based on your artwork, drawings, or pictures of your existing logos, this will include what type of power supply would be best. What follows is a list of the products we offer, all of these are offered in 12V and 24V:

Mean Well

There is a comprehensive range here so, if you need more information about them, and which one would be more suitable for your advertising panels, lightboxes, or whatever else you intend to use them for, get in touch with us and we'll run you through them.

Contact Us

Our comprehensive, holistic approach to LED modules, and wider lighting solutions, makes us one of the most effective and popular Leeds based lighting manufacturers. We'd love to help you, so if you know you need new sign lighting, then please get in touch with our team who can help you source the correct solution. To purchase the modules, head to the individual product pages, or get in touch with us by phone at +44 (0) 1132 799745, or email us at - We look forward to hearing from you.

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