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An LED downlight is a light fixture that is installed in the ceiling - named as it lights downwards to illuminate the room below. The range of LED downlights in stock here at Vision Lighting are fire rated for 30, 60, and 90-minute ceilings.

Compact in design for installation in shallow voids, this high-quality LED product can be used in both commercial and residential settings. Downlights have become increasingly popular because they have low power consumption, provide a practical design that takes up limited space, and offer an impressive life span.

Our Range of LED Downlights

Here at Vision Lighting, we have a range of LED downlights available in different frames - from brushed nickel to white. On top of this, our LED downlights are IP65 rated and tested to stringent fire standards to ensure their safe use.

Why Choose Vision Lighting?

Vision Lighting provides high-quality LED technology, from downlights to cost-effective LED strips. There are a number of reasons you should choose us:

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 UKAS accredited company: rest assured that our products and services are of the highest quality.
  • Fire rated: for 30, 60 and 90-minute ceilings.
  • Ideal for installation in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway: thanks to their IP65 rating against dust and water.
  • Ultra-low profile and push-fit termination: making installation fast, easy and flexible in shallow 50mm ceiling voids.
  • Choice of lighting options: between 3000K Warm White and 4000K Natural White.
  • Next-day delivery: available on stock items if you order before 12pm.

How to Choose the Right Downlight

Choosing and installing downlights can feel like a difficult choice, with various options on the market. Here are some tips when choosing which to go for:

  • Choose LED not halogen: In terms of wattage, a good choice of downlight will provide a high beam yet still be energy efficient. The average 10W LED downlight creates a beam with double the brightness of a halogen downlight, which would use up to 55W - they have since been banned in the UK due to help tackle climate change.
  • Check your existing wall colouring: Lighter-coloured walls appear brighter than darker-coloured walls, which absorb more natural light. Keep this in mind when choosing your downlight’s brightness and beam angle.
  • Only purchase fire-rated fittings: Whilst buying non-fire-rated downlights may initially be cheaper, they will cost you more in the longer term.
  • Check your room size: For bigger rooms, it would be best to choose brighter downlights that have a wider beam angle.
  • Use IP-rated downlights in bathrooms: Downlights rated from IP44 to IP65 are suitable for bathrooms. The higher the second digit, the more water resistant it is.

Do I Need Fire-Rated Downlights?

It is recommended by the Electrical Safety Council that fire-rated downlights should be used in all types of ceilings. This is because holes are cut into ceilings in order to mount the downlight, which in return counts as a fire hazard. You’ll find that the majority of fire-rated downlights are rated for 30, 60 and 90-minute ceiling types.

30-Minute Ceilings: Made from a 600mm joist centre with one layer of 12.5mm thick plasterboard.

60-Minute Ceilings: Made from a 600mm joist centre with two layers of plasterboard that are 15mm thick.

90-Minute Ceilings: Made from a 450mm joist centre with two layers of plasterboard that are 15mm thick.

Advantages of Using an LED Downlight

LED downlights offer many perks for both residential and commercial use, bringing flexibility and energy efficiency.

The Advantages:

  • Provide task lighting where you need clear bright lighting.
  • Provide mood lighting because you can easily adjust the level of brightness, changing the light’s dimness.
  • Practical lighting for poorly lit areas.
  • Low power consumption, consuming less electricity yet offering the same quality of light.
  • Capable of converting energy into light, contributing to a greener environment.
  • Compact design.
  • Last for many years, preventing frequent bulb changes and helping to reduce energy bill costs.
  • Undecided about the right lighting type for your home or business? As well as downlights, our LED ceiling panels are a great alternative.

Next-Day Delivery for Your Downlights

Vision Lighting is a specialist lighting manufacturer and trade supplier of advanced LED lighting products based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We guarantee high quality every time because we are an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 UKAS accredited company committed to quality, the environment and continuous improvement of our processes. All manufacturing is carried out in-house. This enables us to focus on quality control and provide a quick turnaround. Our ongoing R&D ensures we can continue to provide industry-leading products whilst maintaining competitive pricing.

Need your LED downlights by tomorrow? We offer guaranteed next-day delivery services if you order before 12pm. Our next-day service can deliver any time between 8:00 am and 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Downlights FAQs

Yes, you can replace your old downlights with LED bulbs. Say, for example, you previously had halogen bulbs installed, you should have no trouble making the switch.

Making the change to LED will mean you won’t need to replace your downlights as often because they are more long-lasting.

The decision to employ an electrician to replace your LED downlights will depend on your comfort level of electrical systems. Hiring an electrician will provide you with expertise and safety assurance.

At Vision Lighting, our downlights are ultra-low profile and feature a push-fit termination, making installation fast, easy, and flexible. Should you be taking the DIY route, we advise you to follow the necessary protocols to ensure you remain safe at all times - any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Need additional equipment to help with the lighting installation? Shop our LED lighting accessories here.

LED downlights can last around 14 years, offering around 50,000 hours of light in their lifetime. This makes LEDs a cost-effective choice, benefitting both the environment and your bank account.

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