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GLS A60 LED Bulbs have been used in general lighting service (GLS) applications such as home lighting since the early 20th century and are usually found to have an Edison Screw or Bayonet Cap base. Typical filament bulbs have a thin coil wire that heats up as electrical currents pass through it, whereas LED bulbs have several diodes. The main benefit of new LED technology is a much higher light efficiency, known as lumens per Watt, and a much longer lifespan which makes them perfect for long-lasting home lighting, and provide significant energy savins. An old incandescent bulb would have a 10,000 hour lifespan if you were lucky, compared to LED bulbs with a 50,000 hour lifespan. The latest developments in LED technology for bulbs have seen the return to a familiar all-glass bulb, compared to early LED bulbs that featured a plastic domed top. This increases light spread from 180 degrees to 320 degrees, meaning you get a more even light spread.

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