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E10 Cabochons - 40mm

Cabochon lights are colourful bulbs, popularised as fun fairground lights. They make beautiful amusement lamps! Even better, the E10 Cabochon lights that we provide at Vision Lighting are also made from the very best components in LED technology - meaning that you can enjoy consistent, bright illumination from these fairground lights for years to come. They don’t break down in the same way old Cabochon lights used to and there’s no overheating either.

From the many things to consider before purchasing a Cabochon E10, to the different types of Cabochon lights out there, this page covers it all. Make sure you read on for more.

If you’ve already decided to purchase a fairground Cabochon from Vision Lighting, simply click on the dedicated product page and add our wonderful cabochon lights to your basket.

What Are Cabochon Lights?

By definition, the word ‘Cabochon’ actually refers to a vibrant gemstone that has been carefully polished and shaped. Much like the actual gemstone itself, Cabochon lights tend to be shaped like a jewel, with geometric edges. This is a unique shape of bulb that isn’t found in other lighting products and will surely enhance the look of your property or outdoor landscape.

Ultimately, Cabochon lights are colourful lights that have long illuminated most sizable fairgrounds or amusement parks and as eco-friendly LED lamps, they glow brighter for much longer. They’ve recently skyrocketed in popularity as quality products to be used in bespoke sign-making services.

For a wedding, birthday or other special event, consider looking at Vision Lighting for mounted Cabochon lights that can spell out a range of sweet messages and words.

Types of Cabochon Lights

Whatever occasion calls for the use of bright, beautiful Cabochon lights, customers can choose from many different types of Cabochon lighting with Vision Lighting. But, as Cabochon lights can vary massively in colour, size and price, we’ve decided to make things a little easier for you by listing the various types below!


As this page advertises, E10 Cabochon lights are stereotypical fairground lights. They emit an attractive, diamond-like radial lighting effect because of their striking geometric shape. Crucially, the E10 is smaller than the E14, with the case being only 40mm wide at its widest point, and 43mm tall. The E refers to the fact that it is an Edison-style bulb, and the number refers to the base diameter. For homes or businesses in need of colourful bulbs, available in vivid blues, reds, oranges and purples, the E10 is for you.

Flat E10

Flat E10 Cabochon lights are completely different to the usual E10. They’re of a more compact, flatter shape. This completely changes the lighting effect that they provide - instead of being fractal and diamond-like, they emit a strong, all-around glow that can illuminate any indoor or outdoor space.


The Cabochon E14 is also a unique lighting product. They have an even more distinctive diamond shape, reminiscent of diamond jewellery. The base component of this light generates the radial light effect, which is surprisingly luminous, and almost ethereal to look at. Many commercial customers choose this light for corporate events, as it is remarkably effective.

While they are also an Edison-style bulb, they differ from the E10 by being larger. The casing stands at 63mm tall and 60mm wide at its widest point.

Pixel Cabochons

High-tech and programmable to any pattern or colour setting by using DMX control, pixel Cabochon lights are best for customers who want a truly personalisable light, with the marked radial effect that E10 Cabochons are so famous for. Practical and LED-powered, pixel Cabochons are purchasable in a range of shapes and sizes, flat and otherwise.

Fairground Light Kits

Fairground lighting can be used for thousands of different projects and applications. The different colours, formats and pattern combinations are almost endless.

Fairground light kits are by far the most convenient way to create your own fairground lighting display - whether you’re looking to enhance your home, customise signage or set your stall apart from the rest.

At Vision Lighting, we provide a Fairground Cabochon LED Lights Set, available in warm and cool lighting and in a variety of case colours including clear, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Fuchsia. There are enough bulbs contained in this set to illuminate your home or business for years to come.

Illumination for Businesses Seeking a Nostalgic Lighting Solution

For a long time, the professionals at Vision Lighting have happily worked to brighten up retail spaces with Cabochon lights, ensuring that – when you visit these fun-filled places – you can do so safely, and illuminated in a wonderful array of bright colours.

Cabochons work in spaces like fairs and carnivals, all the way to professional window light displays like the ones we have provided for stores such as Selfridges on Oxford Street in London. If you’re a pub, restaurant, shop or any other commercial space looking for some flair in your space, cabochons could be just the thing.

But, more and more often, we are fielding commercial customers who wish to bring some retail magic into the comfort of their own store. Now, as commercial LED light suppliers, we are thrilled to serve the various needs of business owners and shop fitters, seeking a nostalgic lighting solution for their company.

Expect fantastic customer service from our team, with lighting components of an excellent quality, and custom products that are sure to enhance the overall appearance of your business.

Things to Consider when Choosing Your Cabochon Bulbs

Before choosing your Cabochon bulbs, there are some factors you should consider. For our customer’s convenience, we at Vision Lighting have smartly outlined these factors here:

  • Energy efficiency - Cabochon bulbs are notoriously energy efficient, so make sure you’re purchasing a genuine LED bulb when looking at Cabochon lights.
  • Cost-effectiveness - As an energy-efficient, low-heat output lighting solution, Cabochon lights are remarkably cost-effective. Think about how much money you’d like to save on lighting your home or business and purchase your Cabochon light as soon as possible!
  • Colours - Do you want warm Cabochon lighting? Or multi-coloured Cabochon lights? Think about the colour scheme and style of your home, business or event and choose your Cabochon lights accordingly.
  • Indoor or outdoor? - Are you using your Cabochon bulbs indoors, or outdoors? If outdoor lighting is what you’re looking for, make sure you’ve chosen a waterproof light bulb, like a pixel Cabochon.
  • Sequences and controllers - Do you want your Cabochon bulbs to produce pretty effects and to be completely customisable? Cabochon lights can come preprogrammed or programmable, so think about the sequences and controllers of your lights before you purchase them too.

By bearing these in mind, you’re sure to make the right lighting choice for your home or business, especially since these Cabochon LED lamps really do last a long time!

Original E10 Cabochon Lights from Vision Lighting

For Original E10 Cabochon Lights that beautifully illuminate any environment, indoors or out, look no further than Vision Lighting. We at Vision Lighting have years of experience in supplying gorgeous lighting solutions, suitable on and off the fairground.

As a UKAS-accredited company, we’re committed to the eco-friendly quality of our bulbs and boast a cutting-edge range of LED lights that far outperform our competitors. Enjoy a vast supply of over 5000 different LED lighting products with us, all of unbeatable quality.

Best of all, customers can also enjoy our competitive pricing and fast delivery times. As all of our manufacturing processes are carried out in-house, we know how to be efficient and strict on quality control. Rest assured, we’re the leading sign lighting specialist in the UK for a reason.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any product queries you may have, as our customer service is also friendly and helpful! We look forward to hearing from you.

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