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LED Strips

LED Strip Lights are a simple, cost-effective and versatile lighting solution suitable for a range of commercial and domestic applications. The customisable nature of this LED lighting product allows for the creation of creative lighting installations. LED Strips can be cut to size as well as easily joined together for longer runs. It is quick and easy to install LED Strip Lights thanks to self-adhesive backing and its flexible nature means it can be shaped around objects. They can be used to create a focal point or for ambient mood lighting.

Here at Vision Lighting, we're proud to stock a great range of strip lights that can be used for any number of applications and all help to create an even wash lighting effect that is as striking as it is efficient. As you'll see, we stock eight different sets of light strips that all come in five-meter rolls (which works out at around 16.5 feet) and a range of different colours to create the perfect mood, ambience, and atmosphere.

Having LED sign lights, trough lights, such as the Nanolight, and other lighting accessories such as power supplies, we're confident that you'll find your ideal LED products with us here at Vision Lighting. Our confidence in our product catalogue, which includes our LED light strips, is backed up by a series of certifications and accreditations too. For instance, all of the background lighting solutions and strip lights you see on this page are tested to various Ingress Protection ratings (IP Rating for short) that ensure they are water-resistant and are protected from water ingress meaning you can use them anywhere, without worrying about being shocked. Also, as a company, we're ISO 9001 certified which proves that we have consistently been able to supply LED strip lighting that is of the highest quality.

To find the right lighting strip for you, be sure to view our product pages or, to speak to a member of our team about our light strips, and how you might benefit from them, get in touch with us by email at or give us a call at +44(0)1132799745.

Our Wide Range Of LED Strip Lights

One of the many reasons why our LED strip lighting products are so popular is because of their versatility and immediate impact on a space. The high-density strips can be cut to exact lengths, usually either every 10mm, 50mm or 60mm, and installed virtually anywhere in your home or office. The double-sided tape can be stuck anywhere, with the strip lighting placed on top. They can be placed in, for example, bathroom cabinets to aid visibility, hidden in ceiling coving to give a room some dramatic lighting, or in your kitchen as a smart lighting solution - the application possibilities are truly endless with our flexible strip lights.

If you're after a particularly colourful lighting strip then be sure to purchase one of our red, green, or blue LED strips. Starting from just £23.76 including VAT, our 24 Watt strip lights can create a stunning halo effect behind logos and business signage that is in keeping with your branding, and chosen colour scheme. And, because our flexible strip lights can be cut every three LEDs, you can create lengths of the LED strip that are bespoke to whatever it is you wish to illuminate.

If you prefer a single colour that is a little more understated, we also supply high-density strips that offer a cool white, or warm white light colour that can be fitted to where ever, with self-adhesive tape, and create calming decorative lighting applications that will go a long way to making your home a cosier place, or give your office or reception area a sense of calm.

As well as the variety of uses, these indirect lighting applications are also extremely cost-effective. You only have to look at the prices compared to the lumens per metre, and watts per metre, to know that this type of light solution is one of the most affordable products on the market, given the bright light that is produced from such a small piece of technology.

Where Can I Use LED Strips?

Anywhere, essentially! The fantastic thing about LED strip lights is that they can be attached anywhere in your home because, to fix them to an area, you just have to use the double-sided tape that is already mounted to the strip. The adhesive tape protection can be removed and the strip stuck to the surface. Having sold plenty of high-density strips in our time we have seen customers use them in all sorts of innovative ways, either for themselves in their homes or office, or for clients as part of their service. What follows are three ways that you can use LED light strips:

  • Mirrors - Backlighting a mirror with a lighting strip creates an even glow that helps to make for a flattering appearance. A bit more modern and futuristic, when compared to traditional bulbs, strip lights behind a mirror are subtle and, because they are hidden, will give off a sci-fi-like glow.
  • Sinks and bathtubs - Relaxing low-light strip lights in your bathroom, particularly around your sinks and bathtubs, provide a calming, sensory aspect to this often overlooked area of the home. If you do choose our lighting strips for this purpose you'll need to choose ones that have an IP product rating of 65. A product rating of 65 means they won't be affected by water being splashed on them.
  • Outdoors - Indoors, there are dozens of uses for LED strips but, very often, people don't consider that there are just as many outdoor applications! Light porchways, garden furniture, sun umbrellas, and under roof soffits to create a striking appearance that will give your garden a new look.

How To Cut Them

Cutting LED strips couldn't be easier, all the products we supply have clear 'cutting point' lines that you can use as a guide. To separate the strip lights, cut along that aforementioned cutting point with a sharp pair of scissors, or a craft knife. The LED strip designs mean that they won't stop working once cut because each integrated circuit is closed off from the next. The only thing we would advise is that you use the sharpest pair of scissors you own to avoid damaging any components. And, if you're removing a section from the far end of the strip light, be sure to cut at the end that is away from the connector.

How To Connect LED Strips

Once you've cut them to your desired length it's time to connect them. Now, depending on the intended use, this range of LED strip lights are connected and installed in very different ways, and, for more info, be sure to chat to a member of our team who will happily run through the process for your specific application, be it for cabinet lighting, stair treads, or shelf lighting.

Broadly though, there are a few tips. Firstly, you can either position the LEDs horizontally, facing upwards, or vertically, sideways. And, whatever way you choose to install them, be it in separate pieces or as a whole strip of LED lights, you must make sure the LEDs are located behind, or underneath, the thing that is being illuminated. This will give you a much better effect, with an even wash of light, and ensure that you only see the light, and not the light source.

You can either use a connector to link the LED strip lights easily or solder the strips to the strip. The latter option tends to carry more power and provides a more secure connection. Whatever method you select, be sure to cut your light strip along the specified cutting points to make sure that your lights function when they are needed. You’ll have illuminated LED lights in no time by using bandage connectors or soldering tools.

Get In Touch With Us To Learn More

For more information about this range of strip lights, or our other products, such as our LED ceiling panels, T8 tubes, or LED wall lights, be sure to get in touch with us. As a Leeds-based lighting manufacturer in the UK, we can deliver all our fantastic products to your home or business the next day, or in 1-2 business days, meaning you'll never have to wait long to benefit from our sign lighting solutions and trough lights.

You can drop us an email at or give us a call at +44(0)1132799745 - we look forward to hearing from you.

LED Strips FAQs

The beauty of LED strip lights is that they’re simple and easy to install. Decide where you want your lights to go. Once you’ve done that, you simply peel off the adhesive tape of the LED strip and stick it securely in place. It’s that simple. It’s just like peeling off a sticker and placing it wherever you wish. To find out more, read our guide to LED strips here.

LED lights can be filtered to create a complete range of colours and shades. Red is believed to be the best LED colour to help you sleep, as red LED light will allow you to avoid disrupting your circadian rhythm. While blue and green are the most sensitive, red is the most relaxing colour to help you sleep.

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