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We’ve been supplying businesses with a range of LED products for over 7 years now, and one of our most recent offerings is our LED bars. In this time, we’ve helped many businesses that have been looking for effective lighting solutions for their signage and business premises. We’ve done this by offering premium lighting products, including our LED bars, that are suitable for a range of signage lighting applications.

As well as LED module bars, we stock a range of lighting fixtures, solutions, and accessories including T8 tubes, LED strips, power supplies and our very own Nanolight, which is the first and only IP66 waterproof LED sign light available in the UK. We've got over a decade of experience under our belt and, during that time, have been constantly developing our products. Our aim is always to maximise light quality and ensure we are able to offer you the most cutting-edge, high performance LED solutions. Whether you’re looking for products for a domestic property or business premises, we’ll have a lighting solution for you.

To learn more about our LED module bars or any other of our lighting products, contact our team today who can offer tailored advice depending on your needs. Call us now on 01132 799 745 or send an email to

What Is An LED Module Bar?

An LED module holds an individual LED. When a current flows through this light source, it then emits light. To be more specific, the semiconductor in the modules houses electrons, which then combine with the electron holes to produce light. LED modules are much better options than filament bulbs thanks to their lifespan, energy efficiency, and flexibility - most modules have an adjustable colour temperature to suit your branding, for example.

Amongst our selection of modules is an LED module bar. This product houses individual modules in a bar - this is a flexible solution as the bars can be cut to size based on your installation requirements and what kind of maximum output you wish to achieve. This effective LED solution is ideal for many uses including the illumination of light boxes, commercial lighting, and for advertisements, both outdoor and indoor.

They can also be used for domestic purposes, including the illumination of narrow spaces such as cabinets, as well as lighting around the house. LED module bars are perhaps most popular because they can be adapted and tailored to suit your lighting needs. They can easily be cut to size to fit a range of compatible products.

What Can An LED Module Bar Be Used For?

An LED module bar can be used in a variety of signage applications to illuminate your property. Each of these signs typically requires internal illumination, so the LED module bars would be installed inside the signage. The light would then shine through the material to illuminate the branding. These applications can include:

  • Light boxes - Light box signage is a popular way to ensure that your business is visible to passers-by, no matter how dark it is. These signs provide full-face illumination and can be incredibly effective. They are commonly found on shop fronts and can also be used for outdoor advertising. Using LED module bars with light box signage can enhance the effects of the signage, helping you to create a visually appealing display.
  • Flex face signs - Flex faces are commonly made using an aluminium frame and a printed PVC banner. By using our LED module bars alongside a flex face sign, you can ensure that you have a high-quality, eye-catching sign to perfectly display your branding.
  • Totem signs - Totem signs are the long, vertical signs commonly displayed on retail parks and car parks. They’re usually printed, etched or engraved with business names and branding. By adding LED module bars, you can maximise light output, making sure that this branding is clearer than ever before and always visible to those that are passing by.

Purchase Your LED Bar Today Or Contact Us To Discuss Your Requirements

Despite our lighting company being situated in Leeds, we offer our wide range of products to businesses all across the UK. Whether you’re based in Leeds or you’re further afield in Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, London or any other UK location, your business can benefit from our LED bars as well as our other products, including our assortment of LED accessories, LED drivers and in the UK. If you require any further information or need some assistance in selecting the most effective and efficient solution for your business, then get in touch with us by calling 01132 799 745 or emailing us at

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