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50W Floodlights

Located at the heart of West Yorkshire, we are a Leeds-based lighting manufacturer that specialises in supplying cutting-edge, modern sign lights, LED multi-use floodlights, LED trough lighting, and more to end users, suppliers, and organisations across the United Kingdom.

We have spent many years in the industry, refining and improving our product development to ensure that we provide only the best quality, most ideal lighting products that will supply amazing and efficient illumination for many years to come.

When it comes to finding an affordable and effective lighting solution, look no further than Vision Lighting to meet all your lighting needs. We'll put our expertise to work to create a terrific, bespoke set of products just for you, whether it be high-quality LED sign lighting or LED strips.

Interested in any of our services or require a quotation from us? Do not hesitate to get in touch today for a free quote – call us on 01132 799 745 or email us at

Our High-Quality Range Of Floodlight Options At Vision Lighting

In our years of business, we have specialised in the sale and distribution of LED Floodlights for use in sign illumination and other commercial settings. We have a variety of high-efficiency LED floodlights for commercial use and nationwide rollouts, as well as a variety of floodlights for home use.

We have a total of ten different floodlights available to provide to all customers, all of which have exceptional performance, differing features, and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as lighting a patio, illuminating a driveway or door, protecting your property against intruders, or as part of a corporate security system that helps keep your commercial property safe for long periods of time.

Our lighting manufacturers in Leeds also sell and deliver bespoke trough lights, such as our Nanolight, in addition to floodlights. The Nanolight is an excellent choice for illuminating your signs so that anyone, from pedestrians to potential customers, can instantly understand what your company is all about.

All of our security floodlights have been professionally IP tested and have an IP rating of at least 65, ensuring that they meet all of the necessary security criteria, have undergone comprehensive testing, and will not be harmed by any components entering and altering the LED electric lights within.

How Can A 50w Flood Light Be Used?

The Osram powered 50W LED Floodlight has a very efficient light output of 130 Lumens per Watt and is driven by driverless LED technology. Fitted with tempered glass, this energy-efficient, slim floodlight has an ultra-slim and modern design and has an IP rating of 66, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. This is because an IP66 rating means the floodlight is very well protected against dust and water ingress. The IP rating, or Ingress Protection code, determines and rates the degree of protection against dust, water and other unwanted component ingresses.

It is entirely safe to install your LED floodlight outdoors because it is resistant to weather damage or disturbance, proven by its high IP rating. They’re absolutely suitable to be used as outdoor LED lights, immune from all weather conditions, with a wide light spread thanks to their adjustable angle and optimal heat dissipation.

Considering all of these qualities, you can see that the 50W light is fantastic for applications both outdoors and indoors. With an extensive lamp life, a high ingress protection rating and 120 degree beam angle, this is a floodlight suitable for anywhere and everywhere! Commercial properties such as restaurants, industrial units, car parks, hotels, and other business locations can all benefit from our 50W floodlights - they are particularly ideal for exterior sign illumination.

If you want more sign illumination of larger regions or greater light spread control, you can have your 50W floodlight fastened into one of our own floodlight wall mount brackets using the supplied coach bolts. This offers further security to your larger spaces and areas of your exterior or interior.

What Is The 50w LED Floodlight Equivalent To?

The 50W TradeLED Osram LED floodlight is usually equal to that of a 500W halogen floodlight, with an effective light range and colour temperature.

Lights are measured in Lumens, which, at its most basic, refers to light output. The number of lumens a light can output is directly proportional to its brightness. Therefore you can use it to choose whatever illumination you want. A brighter light will be produced if the lumens are higher. This is why, when purchasing a lamp, it's critical to understand the lumen measurement, as this is the only way to assess how bright the light is. Customers should also look to identify products that have higher lumens per watt to ensure that they are purchasing an energy efficient light. The higher the number, the more cost-effective the product will be to run. In comparison to the average 100 lumens per watt in most LED products, our TradeLED Osram range boasts 130 lumens per Watt. Therefore, this is an exceptional option for those looking for an energy efficient solution.

Customers should think about the aesthetic they want to accomplish and the desired look they want to acquire from their floodlight before choosing a light, before then deciding the most appropriate brightness for their lighting needs.

With the option of 3000K warm white or 6000K cool white, customers can choose the LED output they wish to achieve based on their preferences. Additionally, there is a great ambient temperature range which allows this product to operate between -20℃ and 45℃. We also provide a comprehensive range of light outputs, ensuring that you will find the perfect brightness and light range for your security lighting.

Why Shop With Vision Lighting For Floodlights And Other Lighting Products?

If we haven’t provided you with enough reasons on why you should shop with Vision Lighting already, just take a look at the product rating of each of our advanced lighting solutions.

We have a range of other floodlights available, ranging from small 30W floodlights to large 100W floodlights with 13000 Lumens.

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