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LED Bulbs

We have a wide selection of LED bulbs here at Vision Lighting. All of the products we sell offer different colour temperatures, while still retaining the same LED technology that makes them such a popular option for suppliers and homeowners. So, no matter what bulb you select for your light fitting, you can rest assured knowing you, or your customers, are benefitting from the features that set this product apart from a traditional halogen bulb.

In the decade that we have been offering lighting solutions, such as trough lights, to people across the UK, we have refined our selection of energy-saving light bulbs. This means that the bulb selection we have now is, in our opinion, the best on the market. As well as these sorts of bulbs, we also sell a comprehensive range of lighting solutions such as LED Lights, Sign Lights, and a host of accessories that can support the running of your chosen Vision Lighting product.

As we'll detail, the energy efficiency of this light source is unmatched and makes for an incredibly cost-effective solution. This is especially true for businesses who are looking to illuminate an office, area of a pub, or other similar spaces.

Here, we'll be detailing our range of LED light bulbs and explaining their benefits, both the obvious ones and the ones that you may not have thought of. To purchase your chosen bulb type, head to the individual product pages. Alternatively, if you'd like to inquire about our products, feel free to give our team a call on 01132 799 745, or email us at

The Wide Range Of Bulbs And LED Spotlights That We Offer Here At Vision Lighting

As you can see, we offer three different types of bright LED light bulbs. Each type of bulb is a different shape and all of them are suited for a wide variety of applications. These applications range from illuminating reception areas and meeting rooms to creating a warm, inviting ambience in a restaurant or pub. Whether you have purchased LED lighting products before, or this is your first time buying this solid-state lighting, we're confident you'll soon see the incredible, comprehensive benefits that each of them offers.

One of our most popular solutions is the two-pin LED light bulb called the GU10 LED bulb. This 5W bulb is available in warm white, and prices start at £1.70. This particular energy-efficient LED bulb solution is perfect for when you want to create bright downward lighting. Used in spots and high hat fixtures, this relatively small product is very popular with our customers who enjoy the wide beam angle that is produced from a discrete source of power.

Another popular choice is our five GLS A60 bulbs. Standing for General Lighting Service, the great thing about this lighting technology is they have all the characteristics of a traditional halogen bulb, such as the shape and visible filament, but contain modern technology. So, if you were someone who was renovating a pub, and had a client that wanted a traditional feel from their primary source of light, you could install these for them. The types of GLS' we have are broad, and each has its own unique set of features.

The third and final bulb we offer is the C35 bulb. These LED candle bulbs are clear, fitted with diodes, and mimic a traditional bulb. This product is very popular thanks to its 320-degree beam angle which makes it a bright and attractive lighting solution. Prices for this bulb start at £2.40, including VAT, and can be fitted to a lamp, or overhead lighting fixtures.

What Are These Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Good At?

These bulbs may have a slightly higher cost than a regular one but, for what you get, the price is more than worth it. Chiefly, however, these bulbs are good at illuminating rooms and larger spaces in a cost-effective way. These solid-state lighting products pack a lot of power inside such a small bulb. And, unlike old fluorescent lighting solutions, an LED bulb product won't take seconds to warm up and turn on. These sorts of bulbs turn on and illuminate a room immediately, without hesitation.

Whichever energy-saving light bulb you purchase, you can expect to save on costs in the short, medium, and long term. Incredibly, lighting technology such as this is around 90% more energy efficient than the incandescent lighting that has been used for so many years. And, if you're asking the question ‘How long do LED bulbs last?’ The simple answer is a very long time. Not only is this energy-efficient LED bulb solution good at saving money and reducing your energy bills, but it will also stay lit for a very, very long time.

Compared to a halogen bulb, our products have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which translates to over five years! Imagine never having to worry about changing light bulbs, and what a USP it is for shopfitters and builders who can promise this to their clients.

Advantages Of LED Light Bulbs

  • Safe - Compared to a traditional halogen bulb, bright LED bulbs don't give off anywhere near as much heat. This makes them incredibly safe and you won't have to worry about customers or small children accidentally burning themselves by touching or brushing past them.
  • High level of brightness - The light produced by these bulbs is extremely bright. Measured in lumens, expect an LED bulb to give off a much higher maximum output when compared to their older counterparts. Also, the higher levels of brightness are produced from a much lower wattage, making it efficient as well as bright. This kind of performance means you need fewer bulbs per room, saving you money.
  • Low maintenance - Bulbs with LED technology are made with diodes that are fitted to a circuit that is sturdy and reliable. Our products are tested to appropriate IP ratings which mean they can keep out water, dust, and other pollutants. The end result of this is that they'll never need to be tampered with or maintained, leaving you to enjoy the bright light that is emitted from them.
  • Directional Lighting - Aim your warm white light in any direction that you wish. The LEDs have a wide-angle and emit their level of brightness in one direction. This means no light is wasted or trapped, and you can direct it to your exact requirements.

Contact Vision Lighting To Learn More About Best LED Bulbs

To learn more about our outstanding LED light bulbs, their life expectancy, light output, and intended applications, click on the product pages above. If you'd like to learn more about which LED bulbs are best for you or discover more about our other domestic and commercial lighting applications such as our T8 tubes, floodlights, and Nanolight, then feel free to contact our team today.

As a Leeds based lighting manufacturer, we know the lighting industry inside and out. Our LED lighting experts would be delighted to talk more about our solutions and how they can benefit you - whether you're a supplier or end-user. Give us a call on 01132 799 745, or email us at

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