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Ceiling Panels

LED panel lights for ceilings provide an energy-efficient alternative for offices and shops that want the benefits of good lighting, without the need to replace components every few months and pay high energy bills. Easy to install, with a fantastic range of benefits, the products we offer here at our LED panel store are a cutting-edge, energy-saving solution at costs that will suit every budget.

Here at Vision Lighting, we have spent the last few years refining the ceiling light options that we offer and are proud to supply six different modular ceiling lights that are perfect in a range of settings, for different applications, including shop floors and office buildings. Whatever environment you're looking to illuminate with our daylight white panels we're confident that you'll soon see the benefits of working with Vision Lighting and opting for this solution. Be it the cheaper electricity costs, energy efficiency, or energy to light ratio, our efficient LED panels are some of the best in the industry.

As a Leeds based lighting manufacturer that has operated in the UK delivering sign lighting and trough lighting, such as our Nanolight, to suppliers and end-users across the country, we understand what it is you're after when you're looking for light panels - you want cutting edge technology in your integrated ceiling panels, low energy consumption, and a variety of product dimensions to fit various ceiling grids. We channel this knowledge into everything we do to curate the best range of square LED panels that are ideal for offices, shops, and classrooms.

Our passion for lighting solutions is backed up by our ISO 9001 certification, which is accredited by the UK Government's national accreditation body - UKAS. Being UKAS backed should give you peace of mind when selecting Vision Lighting your chosen LED light supplier because it means we've consistently shown that we can supply trough lights, sign lights, and ceiling panels to an extremely high product rating.

To learn more, please feel free to view the product descriptions or, to get more product info about our high-quality LED panel lights, from our experts, feel free to get in touch with us by email at or give us a call at +44(0)1132799745.

Our Range Of LED Ceiling Panel Lighting

The flat LED panels that we offer here at Vision Lighting, as well as our other LED products, are designed so that they provide maximum light output from your grid ceiling without the need for complicated installation. For the average office block or shop floor, the standard panels can be installed and turned on in a matter of hours. Before you know it, your customers or employees will be benefiting from natural light being emitted from a flat tile panel that is saving you money.

Finding the right panels for you depends on a number of factors, if you're a supplier or shopfitter then the needs of your client will obviously be at the forefront of any decision made. But beyond that, it's about understanding what is right for you, based on your requirements. At Vision Lighting we can help you select the right LED panel solution for you and will work to find a package that is right for your budget. We would never encourage you to buy the most expensive, 40W LED panel if we felt that it wasn't best for you.

We stock lots of efficient options at Vision Lighting and our most recent addition to our product catalogue is no different. The Kanlux Blingo Backlit LED Ceiling Panel are 38W integral ceiling panels that produce 3800 lumens from their 595x595 mm dimension. Enjoy brilliant white light for months and years to come thanks to its cutting-edge technology and photoconductive plate that minimises yellowing commonly found in other panels.

Can I Get Round Panels?

Yes! We stock two different round LED ceiling panels that are ideal if you want a light source on the side of a wall, for instance. They provide a cool white light or natural white light that fills a room with a calming glow. The round panels we have will lower long-term costs and bring a great source of light to whatever room they are in.

If you need a round LED ceiling panel that has a 4000K neutral white light and a low profile, perfect for shallow voids, then the JCC Skydisc we sell, which comes with dimmer options, is perfect. Alternatively, we also sell the 18W Round LED ceiling panel that gives off 1260 lumens and is rated at 6000 Kelvin (K), meaning it gives off a pure white light, perfect for hallways and reception areas.

Whichever panel you purchase we're confident that you'll never need to adjust, tweak, or fiddle with it once installed. For years it will provide you with consistently bright illumination, without the need for replacement panels.

What Are LED Panels?

LED panels were created to replace the traditional fluorescent lights that were used by people who were building offices and shops. While fluorescent lights are useful, their technology is fairly outdated now and their energy consumption levels left a lot to be desired. In addition, they never really provided the sort of consistent light levels, over a long enough period, that are needed by employees to work well, and for shoppers to get the best experience. Also, they would often flicker, take too long to warm up, and eventually break and need replacing.

Thankfully, with the introduction of LED panels, which consist of thin panels of light-emitting diodes that sit between aluminium and plastic material, all these negatives have simply vanished. LED panels' unique selling points include the fact that they never flicker, turn on and reach maximum illumination immediately, and give off a light level that doesn't result in strained eyes and ensures everyone can get on with their job in a comfortable environment.

Also, because of the aluminium housing, which acts as a support for the strips, the LED strips are kept cool and can run for hours without overheating. In general, LED panels can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted directly in them, this latter option is ideal for rooms with lower-height ceilings.

The benefits of this product:

  • Reliable - The makeup of an LED ceiling panel makes them extremely reliable, there are no filaments or fragile parts that need looking after and they can withstand vibration and sudden movements comfortably.
  • Low temperature - The lack of kinetic energy needed to create the illumination means the LED ceiling panels remain cool for hours, reducing the fire hazard risk in an office or shop. It also means that it won't affect any goods or documents that it’s illuminating.
  • Instantaneous illumination - Old filament bulbs used to have to warm up before reaching peak illumination, LED ceiling panels are instantaneous and will immediately reach the maximum light output.
  • Long-life - Ceiling panels will last between 35000-50000 hours and need little to no maintenance during that time. Their low temperature, durability, and energy efficiency gives them a huge advantage over other filament ceiling panels and will help to reduce your overall costs.
  • Consistent, even light output - Because of the way the ceiling panel is constructed, with LEDs spread evenly across the circuit, light output is equally distributed across all parts of the flat panel LED.

Contact Vision Lighting For More Product Details

Ceiling panels made from LEDs are easy to install, better for the environment, and your budget. So, if you're interested in enjoying these benefits and want to work with a team of experts that offer bespoke solutions, get in touch with our team here at Vision Lighting. Operating in Leeds means we can deliver virtually all our products either the next day or within 1-2 working days so before you know it, you'll be basking in the glow of cutting edge LED ceiling panels. Get in touch with us by email at or give us a call at +44(0)1132799745.

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