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Fixing Brackets

Without a proper LED light bracket in place, affixed to your wall securely, your fantastic new Vision Lighting LED lights, sign lights, or other lighting products, such as floodlights, won't stay up for very long. A lot of times, people invest hundreds of pounds in trough lighting without thinking about the type of bracket they need. Factors such as surface type, weather conditions, and potential vandalism aren't really considered and brackets can be thought of as something you can pick up from anywhere. However, here at Vision Lighting, we think that lighting brackets, that are screwed into your wall, are just as important as the signage lighting that is illuminating your business’s logo, making potential customers aware of your products or services.

On this page, we offer a range of fixing brackets that are perfect for a wide range of walls and surfaces. Each business premises is unique and will require a bespoke bracket set-up, signs will need to be placed in hard-to-reach areas, they may need to be hung around corners, or over double fascia signs. We understood these differing business needs and the fact that each customer will require a selection of different brackets, and have, as a result, created a range of products to suit everyone.

Since we were founded in 2009, we have been committed to providing high-quality brackets, and a range of innovative, cutting-edge sign lights and trough lights. For instance, take our Nanolight, a one-of-a-kind LED sign light, that can help illuminate your business signage, which has been tested to an Ingress Protection Rating of 66. Our confidence and skills as LED lighting manufacturers in the UK are backed up by our ISO9001 certification which, for a customer, shows that we have been able to consistently demonstrate to bodies such as UKAS, that is recognised by the UK Government, that we can provide quality products that will meet businesses requirements.

Being based in Leeds means we can help business across the north-west, and beyond, in areas such as Liverpool, Sheffield, and Newcastle. On average, a customer can expect fast turnaround times, and deliveries in at least 1-2 working days for all our products. All our brackets have a 'buy now' option, but if you have any more questions about these, or any of our other LED lights, trough lights or floodlights, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team by phone on 01132 799 745, or email us at

Our Products

Quick-Fix Bracket
Quick-Fix Pro Bracket In Horizontal and Vertical Orientation
Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket For Billboard Lighting and Large Format Signage Illumination
Quick-Fix Pictorial Bracket Set for intalling trough lights above double sided signs for shop front lighting
Curved Wall Fixing Bracket 220mm for intalling trough lights above signs for shop front lighting
Curved Top Fixing Bracket 220mm for intalling trough lights above signs for shop front lighting
Vertical Twisted Bracket
Steel Bar Pictorial Bracket Set for intalling trough lights above double sided signs for shop front lighting

In total, we have eight brackets on offer that can suit a variety of wall types, business premises and signage, big or small. From our best selling brackets, such as the Quick-Fix Bracket, and Standard Bracket, which are extremely popular, right the way through to our more niche light brackets, such as the Steel Bar Pictorial Bracket set, and Wall Fixing Curved Bracket -we have a wide range of products made from steel and, in the case of the Nanolight brackets, 6063 T6 architectural grade aluminium extrusion, and other high-pressure die-cast aluminium parts.

The use of steel brackets prevent surface oxidation and reduce the need to use abrasive cleaning tools, increasing the life of the bracket. If dirt, dust, or grime build up over time, it can be simply wiped away using warm soapy water, there is no need to invest in expensive jet washers, or outdoor cleaning equipment. To provide even more protection, we powder coat the brackets in black or white, so that the metal underneath is safe.

Here at Vision Lighting, we have helped numerous businesses with their new LED light products. A lot of the time a customer knows what type of bracket they need but, if not, our friendly team is on hand and will apply their decades of collective experience to help them find the right brackets for them.

As LED lighting suppliers based in the UK, we have helped plenty of businesses from sign makers, shopfitters, and electrical contractors, to end-users such as breweries, convenience stores, high street chains, and hotels, with their trough lighting, and bracket needs.

This breadth of experience is channelled into the variety of products we offer, and the level of expertise and advice we can give to people who like the idea of high-quality sign illumination, but may not be aware of the best option for them.

How To Position Any One Of Our Brackets

When it comes to positioning your bracket, where you place it is all down to your sign, its size and, ultimately, your preference. If you want a dramatic look, then lighting your business sign from below is certainly an option, or, if you want as much visibility as possible then positioning brackets above, and below, the signs can provide a great deal of clarity. The fantastic thing about our trough light brackets is that they are incredibly unassuming because they can be hidden away, this makes the light source illuminating your signage look natural and sleek, giving off a professional business image.

Quick-Fix Bracket to fix a Nanolight LED trough light above a sign fascia

Quick-Fix Bracket

Designed with the user in mind, allowing them to install the light brackets quickly and easily, the Quick-Fix Bracket is created specifically for our fantastic Nanolight and will ensure you don't waste any time observing the benefits of this unique product. We designed this bracket so it could be adjusted in four different ways to offer optimum illumination from its 2185 Lumens per meter. To install this bracket for your light all you need to do is fasten the bracket above, or below, the sign's fascia and hook the Nanolight onto the bracket - it's that easy. We're also able to provide the quick-fix bracket in a range of lengths, depending on your light projection requirements.

Quick-Fix Pro Bracket

Quick-Fix Pro Bracket

This new Quick-Fix Pro Bracket allows you to position your Nanolight in five different ways! This makes it one of the most adaptable and flexible wall brackets on the market today. The Quick-Fix Pro can be fitted vertically or horizontally so you can illuminate signs from your desired angle. And, the best part is that to fit the Nanolight to the bracket requires no tools. Once the mount has been installed into the wall, simply hook the Nanolight onto the bracket, slide the clip over the knuckle to secure it, and angle in whatever way you want!

Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket For Nanolight To Mount Ontop Of Sign Trays To Illuminate Business Signage

Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket

As with all our brackets, our Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket has been designed to facilitate the easy installation of your signage lighting and replaces the Flat Twisted Bracket from our steel brackets range. Available in various lengths to suit a range of signage sizes, this bracket allows for both downward and upward illumination. This bracket’s mounting plate is designed to comfortably fit onto sign trays that have 50mm returns or more, and it offers the ideal fixing method in instances where there’s no room to mount wall brackets and the surrounding material is unsuitable to bolt brackets to. Better still, the bracket is perfect if you’re looking to increase the depth of illumination for your signage, to create a professional finish.

Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket

Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket

The Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket is ideally suited for businesses that have large format signage, or billboards that need optimum light coverage to help illuminate the artwork on them. We have designed this bracket to give your Nanolight more support. With four bolts in the wall mount, this bracket can now carry the weight of the trough light a full metre from where it has been installed. This design ensures that no matter how big your sign is, you can get your Nanolight(s) to sufficiently illuminate it, and do so in a secure manner. To aid this, we have utilised the same clip-fixing method found in our Quick-Fix Pro Bracket. This will ensure that you and your team enjoy a consistent installation experience that is quick and easy.

Standard Bracket for installing Trough Lights on illuminated signs and shop fronts

Standard Bracket

One of our most popular products that are frequently bought along with a trough light, the Standard Bracket is super simple and easy to install. The L shape has two screws at the base and is designed to fit horizontally to a wall or sign fascia. This shape offers extra strength at the base of the bracket to ensure it can be securely fastened into the wall at two places. Our Standard Bracket can also be tilted and adjusted so your trough light can provide the correct amount of illumination, in the appropriate areas. We're also able to provide standard brackets in a range of different sizes so, if you have a long sign that requires two trough lights, we can provide you with appropriate lengths to accommodate this.

Vertical Twisted Bracket for installing Trough Lights onto illuminated signs and shop fronts

Vertical Twisted Bracket

Our Vertical Twisted Bracket is similar to our Standard Bracket but, rather than being horizontally focused, it is installed vertically. The Vertical Twisted Bracket is one of our best sellers because it secures trough lighting into place vertically, making it ideal for when the light installation is needed in harder to reach, smaller, areas. The vertical brackets take up less space without compromising on strength and integrity. This product can also be angled and adjusted so that your sign is lit in the exact right way, this means you'll never need to worry about the information on the sign not being displayed in the way you want it to. Being one of our best sellers, it, like our other brackets, is available in plenty of different sizes to suit your sign depth.

Wall Fixing Curved Bracket 220mm for installing Trough Lights onto illuminated signs and shop fronts

Wall Fixing Curved Bracket 220mm

Trough lighting is relatively discreet when compared to other lighting products, such as floodlights. However, for those who really want to minimise the visual impact they should consider the Wall Fixing Curved Bracket. We designed this bracket to accommodate changing trends and the demand for a more contemporary finish. This bracket will lift the LED trough light away from the sign fascia by 55 millimetres, while still maintaining good illumination for your sign.

Top Fixing Curved Bracket 220mm for installing Trough Lights onto illuminated signs and shop fronts

Top Fixing Curved Bracket 220mm

This Top Fixing Curved Bracket is a relative of the Wall Fixing Curved Bracket and was tweaked so that it could be attached to the top of a wall, or another flat surface, such as a sign tray. Like the wall fixed version, the Top Fixing Bracket will hold the light in place, securely, 55mm above the sign to minimise the impact of the trough lighting, without limiting the reach of the LED's illumination.

Steel Bar Pictorial Bracket Set for installing trough lights onto double sided illuminated signs

Steel Bar Pictorial Bracket Set

This Steel Bar Pictorial Bracket set is one of our more niche products and is designed to fit an already installed projection sign. These sets are fixed parallel to each other with two sturdy bolts to ensure they can hold the weight of the LED lights which are illuminating your sign. As these are designed to fit existing projection signs, we can powder coat them to match your existing trough lights, ensuring consistent branding.

Quick-fix Pictorial Bracket Set

Quick-fix Pictorial Bracket Set

The standard Quick-Fix's big brother, this pictorial bracket set is designed to support two Nanolights either side of a sign. Like the original Quick-Fix, this pictorial bracket can be completely adjusted to achieve desired illumination and light spread. The strong bars are placed at each end of the Nanolight, not in the middle, to ensure optimum strength and stability, and are made out of aluminium extrusion. This placement also ensures the LED light isn't being blocked by support bars or other equipment, giving the sign as much illumination as possible.

Importance of LED Trough Light Brackets

Appropriately installed LED sign lights for businesses can be the difference between a customer visiting your business, and them driving or walking away - it's that simple. Without a clear, bright, light illuminating your business's logo, signage, or opening hours, a potential customer or client is not going to know whether you're open or not. Similarly, if you're a business that is on a main road then this need is even greater. People driving by at speed need to immediately see your logo, and other important information, register it, interpret it, and remember it, in seconds. If your light isn't fixed properly, is wonky, or is hanging on by faulty brackets, then someone's first impression is going to be of a business that is closed, or worse, doesn't care about its brand.

This is where lighting brackets from Vision Lighting come in. Our sturdy, adaptable brackets can be easily installed by you, or a member of your team, in a matter of minutes and will stay in place, holding your new signage light up, regardless of what the weather throws at it. We use tough, flexible material that will keep your light in place, and offer the necessary give so that it doesn't bend, or snap when faced with extreme weather conditions or potential vandalism. These strong light brackets will give you peace of mind, and let you focus on other areas of your business, safe in the knowledge that they are working to keep your sign light in place, thus illuminating your branding, business hours, and key contact details.

How To Install Our LED Sign Light Brackets

Here at Vision Lighting, we know you don't have the time to be reading complex installation manuals, paying someone to install it or deal with awkward parts that make life difficult. Oftentimes, these brackets are being fixed in areas that are high up, making the need for a quick, simple installation process a matter of health and safety. When we were designing these brackets, be it for our Nanolight, or any of our other trough light products, we took all these potential scenarios into account and created brackets that are incredibly simple to install. When a customer orders Quick-Fix Brackets, they receive it, already assembled, with flange nuts to fix the brackets to the bolts in the bolt channel of Nanolight.

A few turns of an electric screwdriver, and, before you know it, it will be securely in place, ready to keep a hold of your sign light.

All of our brackets come in different sizes, lengths and styles to suit your needs. For instance, if you needed your brackets to illuminate a sign from below, away from a wall, then we could provide you with a longer version of, say, a Quick-Fix Bracket, or Flat Twisted Bracket so that it could accommodate that need without compromising on strength. We also recognise that different length brackets are required depending on the sign depth, and can accommodate for this too.

Contact Us to Learn More

Our wide range of brackets makes us supremely confident that you'll be able to find the right product for your business. All our brackets are engineered by our team of specialists with you in mind and made to exacting standards to ensure consistency and a long, maintenance-free, product life. If, however, something goes wrong, then fear not, we have a warranty which can provide you with spare parts, or an entirely new product if, on the extremely rare occasion, something goes wrong. For more information about our brackets, or our other LED sign light products, be sure to get in touch with our team by phone on 01132 799 745, email us at, or view our product pages to place an order today.

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