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Discover the best outdoor wall lighting ideas for 2024 with Vision Lighting's expert guide. Whether you're looking to enhance your home's curb appeal or boost your business's exterior, our innovative LED solutions offer style and efficiency for every need.
If you are looking for outdoor pub lighting ideas, for signage or for decorative lighting alike, then take a look at our useful article that provides the best pub lighting trends for 2024.
Are you wanting to know the difference between LED and halogen lighting? If so, then this article written by the experts at Vision Lighting is perfect for you.
Time to replace a light but unsure how? This guide shows you which light bulbs can be treat as household waste and what needs recycling at designated recycling centres.
Discover the ultimate guide to installing LED strip lights for your home or office spaces. From choosing the right equipment to step-by-step installation instructions, Vision Lighting has you covered.
Discover the world of RGB lights and how they can transform your space. From dazzling LED strip lights to powerful floodlights, we'll guide you through choosing and installing these versatile lighting solutions.
The benefits of LED lighting are why their adoption rate is accelerating globally. For starters, they are extremely affordable and energy-efficient. Find out more benefits of LED lighting in this blog.
When summer arrives and sunny spells bring us warm temperatures, our attention immediately shifts to the garden. Being in your garden when it’s bright and sunny outside is euphoric - but when the sun goes in we’re left without that gleeful illumination - which is where patio lighting comes into play!
There are hundreds of different uses for LED lighting at an outdoor wedding, indoor wedding or party. It is vital that the wedding area is well lit, and that your guests can see everything that is going on. In this blog, find out 10 ideas for wedding lighting.

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