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LED Sign Light: Nano Light IP66

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LED Sign Light: Nano Light IP66

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At Vision Lighting, we are proud to offer cutting edge LED sign lights and think that our innovative, one-of-a-kind, Nanolight is the perfect option to help illuminate your signs so that anyone, from passersby to potential clients, knows what your business, or organisation, is all about in an instant. Having operated in this sector for over a decade, helping a variety of businesses such as breweries, sign makers and shopfitters, as well as providing shop front lighting for convenience stores, makes us confident that we can provide you with a faultless product and impeccable customer service.

All this confidence is not only backed up by over a decade of experience, but also by the fact that we are certified to ISO 9001 standards, which means we have been able to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products, such as exterior sign lighting, that meet customer requirements, as well as regulatory ones.
The certifications, which is the latest version of the standard, was issued by UKAS accredited auditors which is the only accreditation body recognised by the UK Government.

Our ISO 9001 certification should give you confidence when purchasing from us, safe in the knowledge that our trough lighting products will stand the test of time and that we are committed to the continuous improvement of processes. For more information about our Nanolight product, get in touch today by phone on 01132 799 745, email us at, or, to purchase your very own LED sign light, simply click 'Configure & Buy'.

We are based in the great city of Leeds but can help you no matter where you are in the UK. We’ve supplied products to people in places such as Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol, and can offer you delivery in at least 1-2 working days.
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Why Businesses Choose Vision Lighting

There are plenty of reasons why businesses choose Vision Lighting for their exterior trough lighting, or LED trough light, needs.
ISO 9001 Certification Icon

ISO 9001 Certification

As we mentioned, a key reason is that we have an ISO 9001 certification. This certification really does mean you can expect consistent, exceptional products and service quality for all our products. From our Nanolight, to or our other products such as our floodlights, which can help illuminate an important outdoor area of your business, bespoke LED strips, which can be cut to size, or ceiling panels, which allow an office to be lit up in a way that suits your company.
Customer Service Icon of Spanner and Screwdriver

Customer Service, 5 Year Parts Warranty

However, beyond that, there are other important reasons clients choose us. Our ability to offer fantastic customer service, and to help you with the installation process by being on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have, is another one. We offer a 5-year parts warranty which we hope you'll never need to use, given our Nanolight is made to such a high standard. However, should you need a spare part we'll be sure to send it to you in 1-2 days so your illuminated sign isn't down for too long.
IP66 Waterproof LED Trough Light and Sign Light Products

The Most Waterproof Sign Lights

We also have a range of wall brackets on offer that can help support your new LED sign light and are more than happy to advise you on which bracket would be best for your Nanolight. We also have floodlight brackets available that would be suitable for other Vision Lighting Products such as our Wall Lights or T8 Tubes. Another key reason is that, quite simply, our cutting-edge Nanolights are completely unique and are the most waterproof sign lights in the UK. You won't find another LED sign light like this on the market, as we’ll explain in the subsequent sections of this page. This product has been tested using rigorous methods to ensure it can stand up to the harsh conditions that will be thrown at it during its lifetime.
Slim Trough Light Nanolight Cross Section Technical Drawing
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Quick-Fix Brackets
  • 200 Lumens Per Watt
  • 5-Year Parts Warranty
  • Sections Up To 6100mm
  • Manufactured To Any Length*
* Minimum length 300 mm. Sizes greater than 6100 mm (20ft) supplied in two or more sections and will be joined with a middle connector.

What Is Trough Lighting?

An LED sign light, such as the Nanolight, is extremely popular thanks to their energy-saving properties and the fact they overcome common problems such as light spotting and uneven illumination. Trough lights are a type of light that helps illuminate almost any kind of sign, including double-sided projecting signs, and early products in the market almost always featured mirror reflectors, which increased the light output. Our Nanolight however, uses the latest high-efficiency LED strip technology, and a specially designed magnifying lens, to ensure signs are illuminated no matter their size.

Trough lighting, which is perfect for fascia signs, can be positioned anywhere on a sign, above, or below, and will offer constant, energy-saving, high-quality illumination 24/7, no matter what the weather conditions are. The non-intrusive nature of this LED light is why it is so popular with organisations and companies. Its naturally slim profile, neat brackets and made to measure length offer complete illumination that is, from a distance at least, completely unassuming. They are made from aluminium meaning they never rust, or rot in extreme weather conditions and can make your business look inviting to potential customers because they can immediately see your logo and branding.

Trough lighting is most often used during winter months because the days are short and the nights are long. With the sun setting late in the afternoon, businesses need to be able to showcase their signs with a cool white finish, warm white finish, or with another preferred colour. A key feature of this type of lighting system, as well as its energy-saving qualities, is the fact that there is a specially designed aluminium case which encases the all-important electrical items, tubing, and LED strips that are needed to keep the product running properly. Versatility is another key feature of trough lighting, for instance, if a business has a large sign that needs illuminating, specially designed connectors can be used to increase the length of virtually any light.

Go Local Extra Hucknall Signage Lighting using Nanolight IP66 LED Sign Light in 6000K Pret A Manger - Brentwood Essex Signage and Lighting roll out
Nisa Local - Uttoexeter Full Width sign lights for retail stores
Cross and Co - Greengates Hairdresser Shop Sign Lights Sign UK - Oldham Business Signage and LED Sign Lights for Sign Makers

What Is Nanolight?
The Most Waterproof Sign Lights In The United Kingdom

Nanolight LED Sign Light IP66 Waterproof Trough Lighting for Signage
IP66 Icon to illustrate Nanolight LED Sign Light Waterproof Rating

Our Nanolight, as we mentioned, is a specially designed type of LED sign light which makes it one of the most efficient products on the market. The Nanolight we manufacture only ,consumes 10 Watts per metre and gives off a remarkable 2000 Lumens per metre, this means you're getting more light for your money because each component has been tuned to be as optimised, and as bright as possible. Most competitors would settle for fewer Lumens, or simply not focus on metre power consumption at all, here at Vision Lighting, however, we're passionate about providing you with a product that is a great investment, good value for money, and features the latest technology. We don't think it is unreasonable for companies to expect all that.

While most LED trough lights are tested to an Ingress Protection Rating (IP) of 65, which is a way of measuring the protection offered by electrical enclosures against solids and liquids, our Nanolight is the only product in the UK that has been tested to the IP66 rating. To achieve an IP rating of 65, an LED sign light must be able to withstand the spray from a jet washer, aimed directly at it, for 3 minutes. However, to achieve an IP66 rating, our Nanolight was sprayed with 300 litres of water from fire hoses, in all directions. After this 3 minute test, the electrical components inside were bone dry.

Surviving this level of rigour is why we were awarded the IP66 rating which all but guarantees that, if you purchase a Nanolight for your sign, you'll never have to worry about it breaking, or being damaged by the weather. This leaves you to focus on your business, safe in the knowledge people can see your signage clearly.

In fact, we are so confident in Nanolight’s ability to keep water and dust out that we do not use waterproof internal components, unlike other competitors who have no other option but to use IP67 internals to

What Is Nanolight?
The Most Waterproof Sign Lights In The United Kingdom

Nanolight Pictorial Set Two LED Sign Lights with Brackets used for Double Sided Signs
protect their product. IP67 refers to internal products that protect components against submersion underwater which would inevitably cause electrical failure. Instead, we prefer to use IP20 LED strips and Tridonic power supplies, all this means we can deliver a premium product for less, allowing us to keep costs low for you.

The Nanolight is powered by premium Tridonic LED drivers, all of which are encased in a 45mm aluminium profile that is slim, unassuming, yet no less powerful. Our team of lighting manufacturing experts have spent years creating a product that can offer you the most distinctive, and impactful, outdoor LED sign lighting without compromising on style and ease of installation. Speaking of installation, our sign lights are constructed so that anyone can install them in a matter of minutes. Included in your package are 4-way adjustable quick-fix brackets that can fasten securely to any surface, these 200mm brackets come as standard but other sizes and styles are available at a cost.

Our energy-saving Nanolight is manufactured in 6100mm sections and, if you require longer light output for a particular sign, then two or more sections can be bolted together and independently sealed with preventive water ingresses that are tested to the aforementioned IP66 standard. The 200mm Quick-Fix Brackets feature a t-shaped bracket that can keep hold of the Nanolight while it is being fastened. The bracket itself is manufactured to fit the Nanolight perfectly, is available in various sizes, and can be sprayed in the same colour as your Nanolight. In terms of colour, we can supply our Nanolight in a range of finishes. Our black and white semi-gloss finish is included in the price but, for a small fee, we can use our brand-new in-house powder coating facility to finish your product to any specific colour from the RAL Colour Chart, British Standard Colour Chart or Pantone Chart.

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A Robust And Reliable Connector To Join Two Or More Units

Nanolight LED Sign Light Middle Connector Shown ApartLED Sign Light Middle Connector Cable IP68Nanolight LED Sign Light Middle Connector Bolted Together for joining longer runs of trough lighting above shop signage
Nanolight can be manufactured to any length, supplied in sections of up to 6100mm. For sizes greater than 6100mm, two or more sections can easily be connected using our innovative middle connector system. This consists of two parts, which bolt together to provide strength, each independently sealed to IP66 to prevent water ingress. Power is transferred through a 'plug and play' IP68 rated connector, which can handle up to 240 volts.

What Are The ISO 9001 Standards?

UKAS Management Systems Logo

The ISO 9001 is an international standard that sets out certain requirements for quality management systems (QMS). We use this standard to demonstrate our abilities when it comes to providing products that meet certain requirements. A QMS is a system that documents the procedures, processes, and specific responsibilities that are required to uphold and meet any relevant quality objectives and policies.

Upholding and meeting these ISO 9001 specifications demonstrates our ability to provide products that both satisfy our customers and meet relevant regulatory requirements. Implementing a QMS aims to enhance customer satisfaction, which is something that’s vital to us here at Vision Lighting.

That all sounds well and good but, as a customer, you’re probably wondering how we put this ISO 9001 rating into practice, and what it means for you. Quite simply, it’s what we do to go above and beyond for our customers, to ensure their safety and satisfaction. Here at Vision Lighting, we don’t stop at the bare minimum - take our product development process as an example. During the process of creating a new product, such as our innovative Nanolight in 2017, we conduct thorough research and tests to ensure that our products are not only safe to use, but will stand the test of time. This provides peace of mind and exceptional value for money.

We also go above and beyond by using and creating only the highest quality products. For example, our Nanolight has an IP66 rating - which is the first trough light of its kind in the UK to be awarded this rating. Creating the extraordinary is just what we do here at Vision Lighting. As well as this, our customers can enjoy a lengthy warranty when they buy from us. They can enjoy not one, not two, but five years on their warranty! We’re entirely confident in the quality of our products and their lifespan, but this warranty provides our customers with peace of mind that if they need support for their signage, they’ll get it as soon as possible.

The Evolution Of The Nanolight

Nanolight Spring Clip Fixing System for installing sign lighting

Here at Vision Lighting, we pride ourselves on our product development process. Using our decades of experience and expertise, we’re always looking to create and offer innovative solutions to our customers who require effective lighting, including sign lighting. The Nanolight is certainly no exception. This product truly exemplifies our commitment to offering effective LED lighting solutions that are ahead of their time.

We’ve been offering effective trough lighting for some time now. Back in 2006, we launched the Pencil Light - this is a fluorescent trough light that effectively doubled the lifespan of fluorescent tubes whilst reducing energy consumption. With the Pencil Light, we were the first company to use electronic ballasts, paving the way for other innovative solutions to be formed both here at Vision Lighting and within the sector as a whole.

With the Pencil Light as our starting point, we then went on to develop further LED trough lighting solutions in 2008. As with all our products, we were determined to create and offer a lighting solution that was truly unrivalled and unavailable elsewhere in the sector. With that in mind, we worked hard to create a product that was reliable and energy-efficient. Using silicone encapsulated LEDs with an IP67 rating, as well as premium Tridonic LED drivers, we developed LED trough lighting like no other.
With further development and evolution, in 2017, we launched the Nanolight - the most cutting-edge trough light on the market. We executed a thorough product development process to ensure that it would offer an industry-leading trough lighting solution that was unlike anything else on the market. As such, our Nanolight is the slimmest and most advanced trough light there is.

The comprehensiveness of our design process is exemplified by our IP66 rating. This rating, which is set out in the Ingress Protection Code scale, that was created by the International Electrotechnical Commission, clearly demonstrates our passion for product quality. Not only do we make careful considerations regarding the design of our products, but we also conduct thorough research to ensure that our design decisions are informed by data. This data-driven approach ensures our products meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our Nanolight maintains excellent brightness at all times, yet consumes approximately 30% less power than other competing units.

Our New Nanolight Brackets

We are delighted to announce that we have recently designed and launched a brand-new range of wall brackets for our Nanolight. Thanks to the hard work of our team, your Nanolight can now be installed in more places, and in more ways, than ever before.
Quick-Fix Pro Bracket For Rapid Install of LED Trough Light Systems for Shop Front Signage

Quick-Fix Pro Bracket

Protected by UK Registered Designs 6175033 & 6175034

The first product in the range is the new Quick-Fix Pro Bracket. For this, we have designed a brand-new clip system that is far more flexible and adaptable than our previous two bolts per bracket configuration. This new range can be fitted both horizontally and vertically for additional flexibility. What was once a four-way adjustable bracket, can now be orientated five different ways. After rigorous testing, we believe that this bracket is not only more adaptable but sturdier, and able to hold more weight. And, once it has been fixed to the wall, you don’t need another tool to securely fit the Nanolight to the bracket - you now simply use the clip to slide over the knuckle. Once clipped, the Nanolight will stay securely in place.

Purchase your Quick-Fix Pro Bracket today
Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket

Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket

Protected By UK Registered Design 6175031Patent Pending

Our most recent development is our Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket. This has been designed for instances where there’s no room to mount wall brackets for your signage lighting solution, or the brackets cannot be bolted to the surrounding material as it is unsuitable. This type of bracket allows for both the downward and upward illumination of your Nanolight. It also increases the depth of illumination, giving your signage a modern and professional look. The mounting plate comfortably fits onto sign trays with 50mm returns or more, and the bracket can be purchased in different lengths to complement a range of signage sizes. Once fitted correctly, you can have peace of mind that this type of bracket will help to keep your Nanolight securely in place.

Buy your Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket today
Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket for LED Trough Lights on Large Format Signage Installation

Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket

Protected By UK Registered Design 6175032Patent Pending

Our second product in the range is the Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket. This product has been specially designed for large format signage and for billboards that need several trough lights in order to illuminate the artwork properly. This new bracket has four bolts in the wall mount and can support the weight of the Nanolight when installed in cladding material, in particular. This is ideal for big industrial units that require large signs, which are fitted far away from the wall that they are drilled into, to be illuminated. Our new cladding bracket can support our Nanolight up to one metre away from the wall mount. And, to make life easier, we have utilised the same clip-fixing method that is found on the Quick-Fix Pro Bracket so that installation is consistent, simple, and easy. With our Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket, installation teams can get on with what matters without having to fiddle with small components to fix the light in place.

Buy your Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket today

200mm Quick-Fix Brackets Included

Quick-Fix Bracket
  • T-shaped bracket to hang and hold Nanolight in place whilst fastening.
  • Strong yet unobtrusive, perfectly coordinated with Nanolight.
  • 4-way adjustability to reach the preferred angle for optimum light spread.
  • Available in various sizes for ideal light projection.
  • Powder coated and finished to match Nanolight.

Where Can The Nanolight Be Used, And Who Would Benefit From It?

As mentioned earlier, trough lighting - such as our Nanolight - is ideal for fascia signs, which is essentially any sign displayed on the front of a building. Fascia signs tend to be flat in appearance and do not project out far from the building that they are attached to. Therefore, investing in a lighting solution to keep the sign visible at all times is essential. Our Nanolight can be positioned above or below a sign to provide maximum visibility, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

Because the Nanolight is versatile and easy to use, it’s an extremely popular lighting solution for outdoor signs amongst many businesses. Here are just a few of the companies that could benefit from using our Nanolight:

Nanolight installed at Pret A Manger restaurant

Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

If you’re in the hospitality sector, it’s important to shout about your brand to attract customers. Yes, online advertising is an important investment, but you shouldn’t neglect the basics. You can attract potential customers simply by having an appealing frontage. Plenty of people will pass your pub, restaurant, cafe or bar on a regular basis so it is important that it is always looking its best. Our Nanolight will help to draw the eyes of potential customers straight to your door.
Hotels Waterproof Sign Lights


Whether you own a chain of hotels in busy city centres or a quaint B&B by the seaside, having effective signage can help you to attract potential guests. It can also help you to clearly showcase your brand and maintain a professional image that appeals to passers-by. A trough light, like our Nanolight, will help you to remain visible at all times, regardless of the unpredictable British weather. Better still, if you are in an area that often experiences harsh weather conditions, or bears the brunt of sea spray, you can rest assured that our IP66 rated Nanolight will withstand the elements.
Cross and Co Hairdressing with Nanolight Trough Light installed 4000K LED


You could be an independent shop or a high street chain - whatever category you fall into, it’s important to make it look inviting to attract potential customers. Our Nanolight will ensure that your logo, business name, and branding on the front of your shop are always visible. Our neat wall brackets also ensure that the sign looks highly professional and that the illumination is unassuming.

Why Investing In Energy-Efficient Lighting,
Like Our Nanolight, Is Important

There’s never been a greater emphasis on the need to invest in efficient lighting than now, both in domestic properties and within businesses too. But, what exactly is energy-efficient lighting? Quite simply, energy efficiency is achieved when a lighting solution maintains great quality whilst saving energy which, in this case, is electricity. To achieve energy efficiency, many people and businesses are now making the switch from halogen bulbs and incandescent lamps to alternatives such as LED technology, like what’s used in our Nanolight.

So, why is saving energy, or electricity, important?

Firstly, and perhaps most important for your business, saving energy can help you to save money. The initial purchase price of an energy-efficient bulb is usually higher than a traditional, older alternative. However, in the long run, these newer bulbs aren’t as expensive to operate. As such, you can save money over the lifespan of the bulb. Ultimately, and to put it simply, because you aren’t using as much electricity to operate your Nanolight, especially when compared to other traditional alternatives that use a lot of energy, your electricity bill won’t be as expensive. Many newer bulbs, like energy-efficient LED bulbs, also tend to last a lot longer than traditional bulbs. This means there’s no need for maintenance and frequent replacements, which can also help you save money.

Whilst these solutions can help to save energy and money, efficient lighting also maintains high quality and doesn’t compromise on the light that’s emitted. With our Nanolight, your signage will still stay light and bright, helping your business to attract the attention of passers-by at all times. LED strips, like the ones used in our trough lighting, are said to be the brightest type of technology on the market as they offer more lumens for the same amount of watts than legacy alternatives.
With our Nanolight, you get brightly illuminated signs at an affordable cost - Nanolight is the brightest and most efficient LED Sign Light in the world. Nanolight consumes only 10 Watts of power per metre and outputs an industry-leading and unrivalled 200 Lumens per Watt. This is an impressive 2000 Lumens per metre.

Lumens are, quite simply, a measure of light that’s visible to the human eye. So, the higher the number of lumens per Watt, the better the lighting. The LED strip technology we use ensures that your entire sign is evenly illuminated, no matter how big it is.

As well as the benefits to your business, investing in energy-efficient lighting can also help you to lower your carbon footprint. According to The Climate Group, 5% of global CO2 emissions come from lighting. However, when compared to older technologies, LED lighting can achieve energy savings of 50-70%. A global switch to this technology has the potential to save over 1.4m tonnes of carbon dioxide. If sustainability is at the heart of your business, or forms part of your core values, then investing in lighting that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint is essential, and a great way to live up to your values.
per metre
per Watt
per metre

Our Process Here At Vision Lighting Based In Leeds

Number one in Purple

Stress-free Process

The quality of our process is matched only by the quality of our Nanolight. As a lighting manufacturer based in Leeds, we're able to offer a seamless, stress-free process, from purchase to installation to aftercare, we can help you with your brand-new lighting applications. We know, as a commercial lighting company, how important it is to have LED sign lighting that is consistent, strong and robust, which is why our process includes a simple installation procedure that will take you minutes to install and before you know it, your business premises will be benefiting from our technology.
Number two in purple

Easy Configuration

Once you've configured the correct outdoor LED sign lighting for your office, shopfront, or other commercial building, all you have to do is select your chosen colour finish and choose a delivery date - that's it, it is that simple. This quick process means you can get on with other, more fundamental business operations knowing our team is busy creating your bespoke LED trough lighting package.
Number three in purple

Our Experience

Our process of creating the Nanolight, and other products such as the Pencil Light and LED Ultra, began by pooling our decades of collective experience, investing in technology, and understanding what problems were being faced by customers. These issues were varied, but no less frustrating, and ranged from water damage and electrical failures to obtrusive branding that detracted from the customer’s own sign. We took all that and began creating a state-of-the-art product that illuminates seamlessly, and without any of those frustrating issues.

Purchase Your Nanolight Today Or Get In Touch And Tell Us About Your Requirements

Head to our ‘Configure & Buy’ section to purchase your very own Nanolight for your shop front, headquarters or commercial premises today! If you have more specialist requirements, or simply have some questions you'd like to ask, then be sure to get in touch with our friendly, helpful team on 01132 799 745 or email us at

As a lighting company in Leeds, we love speaking to current and future clients about our products and how we can tailor them to meet their signage needs. While we are lighting manufacturers in Leeds, we can deliver our Nanolights to all parts of the UK, in areas such as Glasgow, Newcastle, York and Brighton. So, no matter where you are, let Vision Lighting help your business be seen.

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