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LED Modules

Our selection of LED modules and bars are ideal for a range of signage applications, thanks to their cutting-edge technology, and quality of light. Here at Vision Lighting, we've dedicated time to ensuring the lighting solutions that we offer are the best on the market, which includes this category, as well as our other products, such as the Nanolight, our floodlights, and LED strips. As we'll explain on this page, we have a wide selection of modules that can be used for sign lighting applications, such as illuminated signs from lightboxes, built-up 3D letters, of all sizes, as well as in internal double-sided projecting signs.

The correct lighting can transform the way your business is perceived and, quite literally, seen. By opting for our professional LED modules you can rest assured knowing your business signage, opening hours, or company logo are being illuminated to your desired level with the right amount of LED modules for your sign.

As a Leeds based lighting manufacturer, we have seen the benefits of our products across the north-west, and the rest of the UK, and never tire of knowing that our efficient modules are helping power shop front lighting. All of this helps to create a memorable first impression for a business because, if customers can see that the shop front lighting, for example, is brightly lit, and working, they are much more likely to think that this is a welcoming shop that is open for business.

The best thing about our products is not just the quality and distribution of light, it's the fact that we can offer next day delivery on these stock items, thousands of which are kept in our warehouse, meaning you'll never have to wait too long without display lights. Before you know it, after a quick installation, your light systems will be back up and running.

For more information about our quality light products, that have fantastic efficacy and performance, please read on, click on our individual product pages, or get in touch with our team of experts. You can get in touch by phone at +44 (0) 1132 799745, or email us at

Our Lighting Products

Our LED modules are split, broadly, into two portfolios - the individual modules, and LED bars. Both products have extremely high light quality, it's just that both products have different applications and benefits. At Vision Lighting, we know that you're not always thinking about the devices and components that power your lighting, in fact, the only time it may be thought of is when you have a bad experience, and the modules break. Thankfully, trough lighting and LED modules are our passion which means we'll always be on hand to help you purchase the correct lighting solutions for your business.

Our decades of working in this industry have allowed us to work with a range of businesses such as sign makers, electricians, and shopfitters who have gone on to help shops and breweries. This means we can, after hearing about your circumstances and lighting needs, offer bespoke advice about which module or bar would be best suited for you. Whether you need them for sign lights, want to use them to accentuate parts of your business, or use them to illuminate produce and products to improve the browsing experience for customers looking to purchase your goods - we can help no matter the intended application.

The great thing about these products, and something our customers love, is their flexibility. They can be installed in hard-to-reach areas, and use their lumen output to bring light, where there was once dark. Whichever product you're interested in, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your lighting will look exactly how you want it to, as well as having great LED module reliability, crystal clear white light, strong fixture efficacy, and efficient energy consumption.

On top of all that, we only stock resilient products that have been tested to an extremely high standard. So not only are they packed with great features, but they will last for a long time and withstand any elemental damage from the weather.


Here at Vision Lighting, we stock three different types of modules from single modules, and double modules, to triple versions that can help suit a range of different lighting applications and purposes. If you're unsure about which specific product would be best for you, then get in touch and a member of our team will happily chat through your options with you. In addition, if you have artwork of the business signage that you wish to illuminate, our expert team can give you a free layout and will select the right products, such as LED modules and power supplies, based on your requirements.

What follows is a run-down of our products.

Mini LED Modules can be stuck down inside small built up letters for illuminated signage. The bright LED modules pack enough power to make your shopfront or visual merchandising signage stand out

Mini LED Module.

The smallest product we sell here at Vision Lighting, our 0.24 watt, 12V module is an incredibly popular product thanks to its versatility and sturdiness. Our mini LED modules are just as comfortable outdoors as they are indoors making them perfect to illuminate signs, lightboxes, and lettering. This product can be installed in a variety of small spaces, offering extremely bright, clear lighting, in an unassuming fashion thanks to its sizes, and ability to be installed in places that are hard to see. A key feature of this product is its domed lens. Compared to a flat lens, a domed one allows the light to escape across a wider angle meaning you need fewer modules because the ones that are there have a beam angle of 160 degrees. We supply this product in bags of 200 which amounts to five strings of 40, and all purchases come with a 5-year warranty.

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Double LED Modules for illuminating your business signage. There are 2 LEDs per module to output a brighter light for deeper 3D letters and lightboxes.

Double LED Module.

If you require a little more power, and something that is going to provide powerful lighting for slightly bigger signs, then the double LED module may well be for you. Tested to an Ingress Protection Rating of 65, the 0.72W, 12V module can be fitted to products with an 80-150mm depth and, like its mini counterpart, it too features a domed lens that offers a 160-degree beam angle, and an equal light wash, even at short distances. And, with double the amount of LEDs on the panel modules, users can expect twice the amount of light and clarity even on extremely complex 3D shapes. In addition, each module is installed with foam adhesive tape, from reputable manufacturer 3M, which all but guarantees it remains firmly in place once installed.

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Triple LED Modules for internally illuminated signs and shop fronts. Deisnged for maximum brightness with low power consumption to make your business signs visible at night at low cost.

Triple LED Module.

Our largest module, offering an incredible 1W of energy per module and tested to the industry-standard IP65 rating, meaning it has been tested against water and dust entering the LED itself. This high-performance module offers an incredible 100 lumens per module and is used on trough lighting, and sign lighting, respectively. We supply this product in bags of 100 modules, which is five strings of 20, and all purchases come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty, should something go wrong and you need it replaced.

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LED Light Bars

Our LED light bar selection is small but rest assured that we have tested and tried a variety of products, and feel comfortable that the one we do offer is the absolute best of the best, and is able to provide a range of uses for various lighting applications. To learn more about our selection process feel free to get in touch with us today.

LED Bars with 12 modules per bar for illuminating sign trays and light boxes for shop front illuminated signage.

LED Rigid Bar.

LED light bars are used to illuminate a variety of light boxes, flex faces, and totem signs. We supply just one LED light bar, and for good reason, this 12W one-metre bar produces a cool white colour temperature and is extremely adaptable while still retaining its rigidity. We have sold dozens of these products and they are very popular, owing in part to the fact that the bar can be cut every two LEDs so that you can comfortably create a full, even illumination that ensures your business signage is brightly lit from all angles.

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What Is An LED Module?

So, we've covered the products we sell and the benefits of having them as part of your sign lighting solutions, but what are they actually made of? What are its components? And are they beneficial? Here, we're diving a little bit deeper into what LED modules are.

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) Module is a form of LED device that can power itself, or be plugged into a wider electric mainframe to support other LED products such as ceiling panels, and wall lights. These modules tend to be made up of components of diodes that form a string which helps to create a huge amount of light while only taking up a very small amount of space. These types of LED shop lights are extremely popular because of the power that they produce, and because they can be offered in a range of colours. A correct colour appearance can ensure consistent branding and offer a unique warmth to your sign lighting or branding, making you stand out from the rest.

When thinking about the modules that are right for you, there are two key things to consider. Remember, our team will gladly advise you and help you work through these considerations so that you're comfortable with the lighting solutions you choose. As mentioned earlier, we’ll also provide you with a free layout, based on your drawings of the installation that you wish to illuminate, and select the correct amount of modules and power supplies, from Mean Well, to ensure your requirements are met.

  1. Is this a new installation, or do you have existing solutions?
    It may well make sense, if you're in the latter category, to replace those existing solutions entirely and adopt LED modules as the only light solution you have to think about. This will more than likely save you money in the long run and guarantees that all your sign lights are taking advantage of the same cutting-edge technology.

  2. What are the cost considerations?
    LED modules and LED light bars are extremely cost-effective, there is no doubt there, but, as with any investment, it's important to weigh up the cost considerations, be that potential installation costs, any future maintenance that needs to be considered, and any downtime that your business may suffer from as a result of installing the products. Again, with our products, a lot of this is likely to be pretty straightforward, but they are all things that are worth considering.


The benefits of LED modules are wide-ranging and affect plenty of businesses, across different sectors, in a variety of ways. Here, we're looking at some of the most notable features of our modules and bars.

  • Incredible colour rendering index - Our LED modules and bars feature highly on the colour rendering index (CRI) which is a guide that determines a lighting solutions ability to reveal the colour of the object that is being illuminated by it. This makes modules and bars great for displaying logos and illuminating concession stands because it ensures that the products and branding on display are being correctly lit and making them look as appealing as possible to potential customers.
  • Size - As you can tell by the product images, the LED modules, and the bar, are both extremely small given the amount of light and wattage they produce. This means you can illuminate the things you want to quickly and easily because the modules are small, and have a piece of cable between them, making them easy to manipulate. It also makes them incredibly versatile and allows you to illuminate an infinite number of things, for a variety of reasons, such as security, sign lighting, and general shop lighting.
  • Cold module temperature - Modules and bars don't produce the levels of heat that traditional bulbs, and older lighting solutions do. You can leave them on for hours on end without worrying about them overheating or accidentally hurting someone who touches it. If you're looking to brighten up a range of products, you also don't have to worry about the module making them catch fire, which is something you’d have to consider with traditional bulbs.
  • Targeted illumination - Traditional lighting is designed to illuminate a 360-degree area, which is fine if you want to light up a room, but by using modules and bars you can target your illumination and reduce cost by being more energy-efficient. Our products reduce waste and ensure that the illumination is targeted and precise.

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We hope this category page has highlighted the benefits of these different types of modules and bars and the cost-effective, illuminatory benefits that come with it. As a Leeds based lighting manufacturer, we're passionate about providing businesses with the right types of modules and bars. Despite being based in Leeds, we've helped companies, shops, and businesses across the north-west and the UK, in areas such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Edinburgh - so no matter where you are, feel free to get in touch with us or purchase our products. With our 1-2 day delivery policy, you'll be able to get your hands on our fantastic LED sign lights no matter where you are.

To purchase your chosen modules or bars, please click through to the individual pages, or, if you'd like to learn more from our experts, get in touch by phone at +44 (0) 1132 799745, or email us at

LED Modules FAQs

A replaceable LED module is the opposite of an integrated module. A replaceable version is just that, replaceable, this means that when they need to be replaced, be it because they have expired, or something has happened to them, it can be done in minutes, in most cases. By integrating it, you run the risk of having to replace the entire fixture, as opposed to just the light.

An RGB LED module is a type of module that can emit colour. Inside the module contains a red, green, and blue diode which can be mixed to form a variety of different colours, all with the same potency as the white light version. A key feature of RGB LED Modules is that they can be controlled by remote, or smartphone if the chosen receiver has Wi-Fi capabilities.

In short, a very, very long time. No matter what type of LED you choose, you can be assured that they will last far, far longer than their traditional counterpart. When discussing LED modules, in particular, you're looking at an average lifespan of around 25,000 to 30,000 hours of bright, clear illumination, and, in some instances, they can last up to 50,000 hours! To put 30,000 hours into context, that works out at around 1250 days, which is just under 3 and a half years! It's extremely clear to see, then, why LED modules and bars are so popular - barely having to spend any money on lighting for over 3 years is a very attractive prospect.

This question is a bit of a myth. LED lights don't burn out like traditional bulbs because they aren't powered by a filament that produces heat to illuminate a room. Therefore, it can't burn out because no heat is being produced. However, modules and bars will degrade and dim over time, as the years pass. To avoid it dimming quicker than you'd like, ensure you use the correct applications, and good quality power supplies, such as the ones we stock here at Vision Lighting. Proper power supplies will regulate current and voltage and the in-built surge protection will prevent damage to components, wiring and soldering.

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