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Vision Lighting has specialised in the supply of LED Floodlights for use in sign lighting, and other commercial lighting applications, for more than 9 years. LED Floodlights are used to illuminate large outdoor spaces and are typically found installed on the exterior of pubs, restaurants, hotels, billboards, and more. We stock a range of high efficiency 30, 50w and 100w LED Floodlights suitable for commercial use and nationwide roll-outs, as well as a range of Floodlights suitable for domestic applications.

After years of experience providing both suppliers, and end-users, with outdoor lighting solutions, we're confident that your quest for an effective option to illuminate premises and signage will end here. We've spent the last decade or so honing our process to ensure that we have the best, most cutting-edge products that can spend tens of thousands of hours illuminating the exterior of your commercial property, or family home if you so wish.

As well as floodlights, our Leeds based lighting manufacturers sell and deliver a comprehensive selection of trough lights, such as our Nanolight, a range of LED sign lights, and other accessories such as light bulbs and power supplies, that offer a range of security features, as well as being incredibly energy efficient.

To learn more about our security lighting products, which come in a range of warm solid colours, and our 1-2 day delivery times, please visit our floodlight products, or, why not contact our team? We'll be happy to provide you with bespoke advice to create an effective light solution that works exclusively for your property. Call us on 01132 799 745, or email us at

Our LED Security Lights

In total, we offer 10 different floodlights that all have outstanding performance, varying features, and can be used for a variety of applications, be it to light a patio, illuminate a driveway, or door, to protect your property against intruders, or as part of a selection of security features that help keep your commercial property safe for long periods whilst people are off-site. From small 10W floodlights which are perfect garden lights, right the way through to 100W, 13000 Lumen security floodlights that make sure everything gets picked up on CCTV - we have them all.

All of our security floodlights are tested to an Ingress Protection rating (IP) of at least 65, which essentially means that these products have met sufficient requirements, passed rigorous testing, and will not be damaged by dust, pollution, or rain entering the components and affecting the LED electric lights inside. In addition to this industry-standard rating, three of our newest products that feature in our range of lighting solutions are tested to an IP rating of 66.

What does IP66 mean, and why is it different to IP65? Well, to achieve an IP66 rating, a product must be able to withstand the pressure from 300L of water, that is being ejected from water jets that are equivalent to several fire hoses, for three full minutes. This overt level of testing may seem extreme, but the result is almost a complete guarantee that these stylish lighting solutions will never break down or falter because of external factors. And, with prices for these TradeLED Osram floodlights starting at just £36 (inc VAT), it makes them an extremely cost-effective solution.

While the Trade LED Osrams may be suitable for warehouses, breweries, factories, or office blocks, they may not be the most ideal option for a domestic property. Thankfully, we have smaller options that can be installed at your home to provide a bright light to keep your property safe or to guide people to your patio or front door. The JCC LED floodlights we offer can all be bought as PIR floodlights (passive infrared sensors) which can turn them into effective motion sensor lights. As well as being ultra-thin, water-resistant floodlights they are also some of the cheapest options out there with prices starting at just £10.80, including VAT.

How To Wire LED Flood Lights

While there is a need to be thorough, wiring LED floodlights, regardless of their wattage, is relatively straightforward. First, begin by turning off the power at the mains, then remove the existing light fixtures taking care to gently remove components to avoid them falling on the floor. If you have a voltage tester, use that on the exposed wiring to ensure the power is off. Then, wire and install your new electric lights from Vision Lighting, begin by fixing the floodlights to your desired installation location, along with a waterproof junction box. Then feed the floodlight cable through the junction box and use the correct size cable gland for the junction box and cable to ensure the wiring remains watertight. Then connect the floodlight wire to the mains supply. After installing any other additional floodlights, you should be ready to turn the lights on and make any adjustments needed.

If you have questions or issues, then our incredible team is more than happy to help talk through the installation procedure, be the 100W LED floodlights or smaller PIR lights.

Are They Good? The Benefits Of These Outdoor Security Lighting Solutions

It may already be apparent, but the benefits of PIR and non-PIR floodlights for commercial properties, parking spaces, or patios are certainly worth repeating. What follows are five notable benefits of this product, to learn more please click through to the individual product pages, give us a call, or drop us an email.

  1. A cost-effective security option - When compared to other security options, such as security guards and alarm systems, floodlights, combined with tough security protocols and CCTV, are some of the most cost-effective solutions out there, thanks to their low maintenance requirements and simple installation by someone who has, at the very least, an electrical safety certificate.

  2. Good for the planet - By not containing dangerous elements such as carbon and mercury and non-recyclable materials, such as lead or glass, LED floodlights are much more environmentally friendly and don't have to be disposed of in a way that harms the local environment.

  3. Reduction in heat emissions - As mentioned, because there is no filament, or a need to produce heat to light up an area, LED sign lights, such as floodlights, are much cooler and convert the heat they do produce into electricity. There is no energy wasted as heat and, therefore, they are far more economical and efficient.

  4. Energy efficiency - It's no secret that LEDs are so popular because of their energy-efficient qualities. They produce more light, for longer, at cooler temperatures, and don't use up as much energy because of the technology that powers them. Across the board, LED lights are a sensible option for businesses and homeowners alike.

  5. Long-lasting - The diodes that power these products last for a long time. When discussing their lifespan, you need to talk in years, not weeks.

Contact Vision Lighting To Learn More About Our Range Of Lighting Products

LED floodlights, regardless of their intended application, provide powerful illumination, for years and years, without requiring any maintenance. These reasons alone are enough for home and business owners to invest in these solutions.

We're passionate about providing people across the UK, in Leeds and further afield in Birmingham, Manchester, and Sheffield, with these, and other lighting solutions, including trough lighting and LED modules.

To learn more about our products, check out our dedicated products pages or, if you fancy a chat, why not give us a call on 01132 799 745 or drop us an email at

Floodlights FAQs

In short, bright. The white light or colour, that is emitted from RGB floodlights specifically, is very, very bright. However, there are a few caveats and the level of brightness, while always high, does depend on the floodlight. An RGB floodlight, for instance, maybe slightly dimmer than a floodlight that is dedicated to cool white or warm white LED output. Regardless of your needs, you can rest assured that here at Vision Lighting we only stock the most efficient products so that you benefit from the maximum light output, with minimum electricity cost.

The LED, solid-state components that make up the products we offer mean they emit high-intensity lighting for years, without any need to worry about overheating. This is because these products use diodes, which don't require heat to emit light, such as is found in a traditional filament bulb. This key function is one of the USPs of LEDs and a reason why they are so popular. Depending on your budget, you can invest in attractive lighting statements that offer up an incredible 13000 lumens.

LED Floodlights are extremely long-lasting. All LED products and bulbs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours which means they can last up to 12 years without the need for replacement. No maintenance is required for at least 10 years with LED lighting.

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