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LED Sign Lights

The expert team here at Vision Lighting have spent years investing time and money into creating LED sign lights that are unique and offer businesses the brightness and clear projection needed to illuminate their business signage. When it comes to our Nanolight at least, our designs are unique and can provide you with all the benefits of clear lighting without any of the drawbacks commonly found with other products, such as awkward installations and inconsistent power output.

On this page, you'll find links to the aforementioned Nanolight and to our range of fixing brackets that are able to take the weight of your desired LED trough light unit and help place them in the hardest to install areas. For more information feel free to click through to the product pages or, if you're after more specific information, be sure to get in touch with our team who would be more than happy to chat through the merits of our LED sign lights. Contact us by phone on 01132 799 745, or email us at

Why Choose LED Sign Lighting Products?

There are many reasons to choose LED sign lighting and similar trough lights for your commercial property or business premises - put simply, they offer all the benefits with barely any drawback. From a financial point of view, LED trough lighting offers great cost-saving capabilities when compared to their traditional counterparts, mainly because they are made from diodes which last far, far longer than heated filaments. This means you can go years without having to replace a single component, saving you money and allowing you to get on with other business activities, safe in the knowledge your signage, company description, and opening hours are all being illuminated no matter the time of day.

In terms of durability, our products make much greater buying sense, too. Trough lights, in particular our Nanolight (as we'll explain later), are incredibly resistant to the elements and can withstand the worst hailstorm, wind, and rain with absolutely no fluctuation in the amount of light that is emitted. This strength reduces the need for any emergency maintenance, another cost-saving benefit, and ensures that everything that needs to be illuminated, is. What follows is a brief description of our outstanding trough light product, the Nanolight, and the wide array of fixing brackets that are on offer.

The Excellent Products We Have On Offer

While our product options in this department are slim, they are that way for a reason. Quite simply, you won't need another product when you decide to opt for our Nanolight. As we'll detail, the designs for this product were done in such a way that your search for an LED trough light could end the minute you came across the product because there is nothing like it on the market.

However, we know that outdoor LED lighting is nothing without a proper bracket in place to ensure it stays fixed into the wall, and won't become crooked or snap entirely if environmental conditions become adverse and threaten the integrity of the bracket, and product. All our products have a powder-coated colour applied to them before being shipped to you and, for a fee, we can use our brand-new in-house powder coating facility to finish your product in a range of popular colours that match your overall branding.

As lighting manufacturers, we knew that from day one, we didn't want to be known for making people wait too long for their new trough lights or LED sign lights which is why we offer 1-2 days delivery time for most of our lighting solutions, including the Nanolight. This short time for delivery ensures you're not without the appropriate sign light for too long and can have it installed to your specific measurements in no time at all.


Years in the making, the Nanolight has quickly become one of the most efficient products on the market thanks to a blend of innovative design, tough raw materials, and decades of collective knowledge. Giving off 2185 lumens thanks to the 11.5 Watts per metre, this optimised trough light offers great value for money and is a fantastic investment that is going to be able to light your shop front, company sign, or company details, for years to come with barely any maintenance.

To highlight its strength, we directly sprayed the Nanolight with 300 litres of high pressure water from fire hoses for a total of 3 minutes, after which we opened it to find each and every component was bone dry. This thorough test awarded us an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66, one above the typical IP rating of 65, setting us apart from virtually every competitor out there today. For you, that means you can all but guarantee that your new Nanolight is never going to be affected by any type of weather element. Powered by Tridonic LED drivers, our Nanolight is slim, unassuming, and powerful beyond belief.

Fixing Brackets

We have eight different LED light brackets available that can help to support not only the Nanolight but the other LED lights that we offer. These brackets have been manufactured so that they provide a range of installation solutions and can be fixed on the side of walls, or on top, or in such a way so that signage and lighting can be displayed clearly around corners. From our Nanolight Quick-Fix Bracket, right the way through to our innovative Wall Fixing Curved Bracket, and Vertical Twisted Bracket, we're confident we have a light fixing that will be suitable for your building.

Contact Us To Learn More

We're extremely confident that upon purchasing either a Nanolight, or one of our brackets, you'll feel assured that you chose the right lighting manufacturer in the form of Vision Lighting. For more information be sure to click through to the individual product pages which will give even more details, benefits, and pricing options so you can create a bespoke solution that meets your requirements and your budget.

If, however, you have more questions about sizing, a unique lighting installation project that you have, or simply want to hear us talk about the Nanolight then, by all means, get in touch. We love talking about trough lighting and LED sign lights, and would be happy to run things by you until you're absolutely sure these products are right for you.

As a Leeds based lighting manufacturer, we're able to help, and deliver, to businesses and organisations across the country in areas such as Norwich, London, Bradford, and Sheffield. So no matter where you operate, feel free to get in touch by calling our sales team on 01132 799 745 or emailing us at

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