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Mean Well

We're proud to stock seven different Mean Well power supplies here at Vision Lighting. From 20W LED drivers to 200W models, both of which are supplied as 12 and 24 volts variations, we're confident that we have the right power supply product for you. With a Mean Well LPV attached to your Vision Lighting product, you'll never have to worry about disruptions in your LED power supply ever again.

These products will take the AC current found in your wall socket and carry out rapid power dissipation before turning into DC current and ensuring that your current LED power remains stable for years to come.

And, what’s more, all the power supply units we sell from Mean Well are all tested and have been awarded an IP67 rating. This means that you can house these external power supply units outside and never have to worry about water ingress or the damage that comes with dust and other pollutants, affecting them.

Our Range of Mean Well Power Supplies

No matter if you are looking to decorate your commercial space with LED signs or simply searching for LED strips for task and accent lighting within your home, Vision Lighting is the go-to LED lighting company for your needs - and one important aspect of LED lighting, of course, is the LED power supply.

At Vision Lighting, we offer a wide range of Mean Well power supplies to power LED lighting. Our collection of LED power supplies is IP67 rated and available in durable designs that provide efficiency, protection, and reliability. Our Mean Well power supplies are ideal for use with our LED lighting solutions for homeowners, electricians, and commercial businesses.

Unsure Which One To Get?

When looking to purchase a power supply such as this, it’s important to understand the specific needs of your project. For instance, think about how you will connect your LED products to the power supply - will it be a simple outlet plug, or will it be wired into AC lines? Do you want to be able to dim the LED lights? Will the unit be small enough to fit in the desired space? All these questions, once answered, will go a long way to helping you find the right product.

How to Choose the Right Mean Well LED Power Supply

With the wide range of options available, you might be wondering which Mean Well power supply is the best for your needs. Here’s what to consider:

  • Power rating: The power rating of the product should be sufficient for your LED product but also have some tolerance - this means that you need a power supply that offers enough power to allow you to control the current efficiently.

  • LED drive method: Confirm whether you need to connect the Mean Well power supply to the LED light directly or whether you need to purchase a constant current (CC) LED driver too.

  • Power factor correction (PFC): If PFC is required, compatible models of Mean Well power supplies are recommended.

  • Operating environment: This can affect whether a suitable IP rating and certain profile design (i.e. metal or plastic enclosure) are required.

  • Safety certifications: Confirm whether your LED lighting application requires safety certifications.

  • Adjustability: If the power supply is driving the LED directly, one with adjustable output current and voltage is something to think about.

  • Dimming function: Confirm whether you require a dimming feature or not for your LED lighting.

So, lots to consider when choosing the appropriate Mean Well power supply for your requirements. For extra info, read our How to Choose an LED Power Supply Guide.

Is Mean Well a Good Power Supply?

Mean Well is a leading power supply manufacturer, with over 40 years of experience and expertise in their field. The name itself, Mean Well, and literal meaning - ‘to mean well/have good intentions’ - is one of its founding principles, consistent with the values of its founder, Jerry Lin.

At Vision Lighting, you can rest assured that our range of Mean Well products is authentic, so you can expect all of the features that come with original Mean Well power supplies. Plus, we even do strict testing ourselves to ensure that our selection of Mean Well drivers is of the highest standard.

With their IP67 rating, you are given additional peace of mind that our Mean Well power supplies are adequately protected against particles like dust, debris, and water.

For LED Mean Well power supplies you can rely on, look no further than Vision Lighting.

Benefits of Using an LED Power Supply

An LED power supply provides a steady and constant supply of power to LED lights, whether that be fairground lighting or LED strips. This means added security in knowing you’ll be protected from power disturbances, like voltage dips or power spikes.

LED lights consume less energy compared to traditional lights, operating on low voltage, direct current (DC) electricity. Wall sockets, however, typically have high-voltage, alternating current (AC) electricity, which is why an LED power supply is needed to regulate it.

Power supplies provide a constant voltage output (or constant current) that is safe and should be compatible with the LED lighting of your choice.

So, what are the benefits of LED power supplies, specifically, Mean Well power supplies?

The Benefits: * Provide a constant stream of power to the LED light, ensuring that it can shine bright for long periods of time. * Can be used for a number of different LED lighting applications, including sign and display lighting. * Most Mean Well power supplies can withstand 300VAC (volts alternating current) surge input for 5 seconds. * Plastic or metal enclosures for durability and protection. * IP67 rated, fully encapsulated - can be used for outdoor lighting. * Mean Well power supplies come with protection against short circuit, overload, and over voltage. * Extremely reliable. * Some Mean Well power supply models are available with a dimming function.

Next-Day Delivery for Your LED Mean Well Power Supplies

Vision Lighting is a leading LED lighting manufacturer and supplier, offering a variety of LED lighting solutions for commercial and residential purposes. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 UKAS accredited company, you can count on us to deliver exceptional products and services, created to meet the highest standards.

As well as our range of Mean Well power supplies, we also stock Kanlux LED panel drivers and other lighting products at competitive prices such as sign lights, floodlights, LED bulbs, lighting accessories, and more - with fast delivery and superb customer service.

Our dedication to providing high-quality products is what drives our passion for constantly improving our manufacturing and design processes.

For more information about our products and services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Vision Lighting team.

Need Help? Get In Touch!

We know that choosing power supplies can be tricky which is why our team is more than happy to chat through your options and help you select the right one - all you need to do is contact us! Call us on 01132 799 745, or email us at

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