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What Are IP-Rated LED Lights?

IP-rated LED lights each house LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology within an enclosure, protecting against solids, liquids or both potentially entering the casing and damaging it.

With each of these products, this level of protection is indicated by a specific Ingress Protection (IP) rating. We offer a wide range of dustproof and waterproof LED lights.

Benefits of IP-rated LED Lights

IP-rated LED lights benefit from protection against dust, dirt, liquids and bugs. Exactly which of these the lights protect against — and the level of protection in each instance will depend on the product, but we indicate IP ratings clearly in product listings on our website.

Our Range of IP-Rated Lights

Our Leeds-based business offers a wide range of IP-rated LED lights, including waterproof LED strip lights, floodlights and modules for delivery nationwide.

Through the same means, we can provide accessories, like brackets and cables, to help you make the most of high IP-rated LED lights.

Level of Protection Provided by the IP Rating System

The IP rating system was developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), with each rating comprising two numerals respectively citing the product’s protection against:

  • Solid objects (rating from 0 to 6, or ‘no protection’ to ‘no ingress of dust’)
  • Liquids (ranging from 0 to 9, or ‘no protection’ to ‘high-pressure hot water from different angles’)

Protection Against Solids & Dust Particles

The first digit in an IP rating indicates how protected the device is from physical objects, such as tools, wires, nails and screws entering its enclosure and potentially causing internal damage to the product.

Liquid Protection & Contact With Water

The higher an LED light’s IP rating for liquid protection, the more numerous the different types of water contact, such as drips and splashes, the device will be able to survive.

You might be wondering: “Where can I buy waterproof LED lights?” We offer many, including submersible LED lights for UK customers.

Protection Against Water Jets & Outdoor Installations

If the IP rating’s second digit is a 5 or 6, the LED light is safe from risks posed by respectively low-pressure or high-pressure jets of water, making the fixture suitable for fitting in outdoor settings.

Swimming Pool Applications & Specialised Coatings

You can install several IP-rated LED lights, including LED shower lights, to waterproof various areas near a swimming pool. We also offer specialised coatings for further elevating the level of protection.

Accessories for IP-Rated LED Strip Lights

Remote Control Options

There are LED strip lights that allow you to adjust the colours of the lights from a distance. You can tap into this functionality via voice control or by using a remote control or button control box.

Shopping for Waterproof LED Strip Lights

As a result of finding LED strips that are at least IP64 rated and so proven to be capable of withstanding splashes, you can source great waterproof LED lights for bathrooms and kitchens. We can also provide all the accessories you would need in order to use these lights.

Installation Process

It is possible to cut IP-rated LED strip lights to a suitable length for a given space. Exactly how you connect and install LED strips can differ from product to product, but remember that:

  • The LEDs can be positioned horizontally or vertically
  • LED strip lights can be linked with a connector
  • Removing the adhesive tape from an LED strip will enable you to stick it into place

For All Your Cable and Lighting Accessories, Look No Further

If you have questions about any of our online store’s IP-rated LED lights or any of the cables or accessories we offer that are compatible with them, please get in touch with the Vision Lighting team.

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