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E10 Cabochon Case - 40mm

Stock Code: E10CH-CL

Enhance fairgrounds and signage with our remarkable Fairground Lighting, designed to create an enchanting atmosphere. Our E10 Cabochons feature an exquisite case design, ideal for achieving a stunning radial lighting effect. Emitting light from every angle, these cabochons captivate with their diamond-like brilliance.

The E10 Cabochon cases are designed in two parts, consisting of a base and a cap, allowing for easy installation and customisation. Choose from 8 vibrant Cabochon colours, including Clear, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Fuchsia, to effortlessly create the desired ambience for your fairgrounds or signage.

To fully complete your fairground lights, you have two options: acquiring the necessary items individually or opting for the convenience of our complete E10 Cabochon Set, which will include the Case, Bulb and Lamp Holder.

  • E10 Lamp holder with its Screw On Nut: Provides secure and stable mounting for the E10 Cabochon.
  • E10 LED Bulb 1W, 24V, 16 LEDs: Available in 6000K Cool White and 3000K Warm White, choose the appropriate bulb colour to suit your lighting preferences and requirements.
  • 24V Power Supply Unit: Choose from our wide range of Mean Well Power Supplies to ensure you have the necessary power supply unit to support your lighting setup. If you are unsure of which power supply you need, you can contact us.
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