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Our New Nanolight Brackets

Our New Nanolight Brackets

We are delighted to announce that we have recently designed and launched a brand-new range of wall brackets for our Nanolight. Thanks to the hard work of our team, your Nanolight can now be installed in more places, and in more ways, than ever before.
Quick-Fix Pro Bracket For Rapid Install of LED Trough Light Systems for Shop Front Signage

Quick-Fix Pro Bracket

Protected by UK Registered Designs 6175033 & 6175034

The first product in the range is the new Quick-Fix Pro Bracket. For this, we have designed a brand-new clip system that is far more flexible and adaptable than our previous two bolts per bracket configuration. This new range can be fitted both horizontally and vertically for additional flexibility. What was once a four-way adjustable bracket, can now be orientated five different ways. After rigorous testing, we believe that this bracket is not only more adaptable but sturdier, and able to hold more weight. And, once it has been fixed to the wall, you don’t need another tool to securely fit the Nanolight to the bracket - you now simply use the clip to slide over the knuckle. Once clipped, the Nanolight will stay securely in place.

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Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket

Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket

Protected By UK Registered Design 6175031Patent Pending

Our most recent development is our Quick-Fix Tray Mount Bracket. This has been designed for instances where there’s no room to mount wall brackets for your signage lighting solution, or the brackets cannot be bolted to the surrounding material as it is unsuitable. This type of bracket allows for both the downward and upward illumination of your Nanolight. It also increases the depth of illumination, giving your signage a modern and professional look. The mounting plate comfortably fits onto sign trays with 50mm returns or more, and the bracket can be purchased in different lengths to complement a range of signage sizes. Once fitted correctly, you can have peace of mind that this type of bracket will help to keep your Nanolight securely in place.

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Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket for LED Trough Lights on Large Format Signage Installation

Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket

Protected By UK Registered Design 6175032Patent Pending

Our second product in the range is the Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket. This product has been specially designed for large format signage and for billboards that need several trough lights in order to illuminate the artwork properly. This new bracket has four bolts in the wall mount and can support the weight of the Nanolight when installed in cladding material, in particular. This is ideal for big industrial units that require large signs, which are fitted far away from the wall that they are drilled into, to be illuminated. Our new cladding bracket can support our Nanolight up to one metre away from the wall mount. And, to make life easier, we have utilised the same clip-fixing method that is found on the Quick-Fix Pro Bracket so that installation is consistent, simple, and easy. With our Quick-Fix Cladding Bracket, installation teams can get on with what matters without having to fiddle with small components to fix the light in place.

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