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Where Can Nanolight Be Used?

Where Can The Nanolight Be Used, And Who Would Benefit From It?

As mentioned earlier, trough lighting - such as our Nanolight - is ideal for fascia signs, which is essentially any sign displayed on the front of a building. Fascia signs tend to be flat in appearance and do not project out far from the building that they are attached to. Therefore, investing in a lighting solution to keep the sign visible at all times is essential. Our Nanolight can be positioned above or below a sign to provide maximum visibility, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

Because the Nanolight is versatile and easy to use, it’s an extremely popular lighting solution for outdoor signs amongst many businesses. Here are just a few of the companies that could benefit from using our Nanolight:

Nanolight installed at Pret A Manger restaurant

Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

If you’re in the hospitality sector, it’s important to shout about your brand to attract customers. Yes, online advertising is an important investment, but you shouldn’t neglect the basics. You can attract potential customers simply by having an appealing frontage. Plenty of people will pass your pub, restaurant, cafe or bar on a regular basis so it is important that it is always looking its best. Our Nanolight will help to draw the eyes of potential customers straight to your door.
Hotels Waterproof Sign Lights


Whether you own a chain of hotels in busy city centres or a quaint B&B by the seaside, having effective signage can help you to attract potential guests. It can also help you to clearly showcase your brand and maintain a professional image that appeals to passers-by. A trough light, like our Nanolight, will help you to remain visible at all times, regardless of the unpredictable British weather. Better still, if you are in an area that often experiences harsh weather conditions, or bears the brunt of sea spray, you can rest assured that our IP66 rated Nanolight will withstand the elements.
Cross and Co Hairdressing with Nanolight Trough Light installed 4000K LED


You could be an independent shop or a high street chain - whatever category you fall into, it’s important to make it look inviting to attract potential customers. Our Nanolight will ensure that your logo, business name, and branding on the front of your shop are always visible. Our neat wall brackets also ensure that the sign looks highly professional and that the illumination is unassuming.

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