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What Is Trough Lighting?

What Is Trough Lighting?

An LED sign light, such as the Nanolight, is extremely popular thanks to their energy-saving properties and the fact they overcome common problems such as light spotting and uneven illumination. Trough lights are a type of light that helps illuminate almost any kind of sign, including double-sided projecting signs, and early products in the market almost always featured mirror reflectors, which increased the light output. Our Nanolight however, uses the latest high-efficiency LED strip technology, and a specially designed magnifying lens, to ensure signs are illuminated no matter their size.

Trough lighting, which is perfect for fascia signs, can be positioned anywhere on a sign, above, or below, and will offer constant, energy-saving, high-quality illumination 24/7, no matter what the weather conditions are. The non-intrusive nature of this LED light is why it is so popular with organisations and companies. Its naturally slim profile, neat brackets and made to measure length offer complete illumination that is, from a distance at least, completely unassuming. They are made from aluminium meaning they never rust, or rot in extreme weather conditions and can make your business look inviting to potential customers because they can immediately see your logo and branding.

Trough lighting is most often used during winter months because the days are short and the nights are long. With the sun setting late in the afternoon, businesses need to be able to showcase their signs with a cool white finish, warm white finish, or with another preferred colour. A key feature of this type of lighting system, as well as its energy-saving qualities, is the fact that there is a specially designed aluminium case which encases the all-important electrical items, tubing, and LED strips that are needed to keep the product running properly. Versatility is another key feature of trough lighting, for instance, if a business has a large sign that needs illuminating, specially designed connectors can be used to increase the length of virtually any light.

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