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The Evolution of Nanolight

The Evolution Of The Nanolight

Nanolight Spring Clip Fixing System for installing sign lighting

Here at Vision Lighting, we pride ourselves on our product development process. Using our decades of experience and expertise, we’re always looking to create and offer innovative solutions to our customers who require effective lighting, including sign lighting. The Nanolight is certainly no exception. This product truly exemplifies our commitment to offering effective LED lighting solutions that are ahead of their time.

We’ve been offering effective trough lighting for some time now. Back in 2006, we launched the Pencil Light - this is a fluorescent trough light that effectively doubled the lifespan of fluorescent tubes whilst reducing energy consumption. With the Pencil Light, we were the first company to use electronic ballasts, paving the way for other innovative solutions to be formed both here at Vision Lighting and within the sector as a whole.

With the Pencil Light as our starting point, we then went on to develop further LED trough lighting solutions in 2008. As with all our products, we were determined to create and offer a lighting solution that was truly unrivalled and unavailable elsewhere in the sector. With that in mind, we worked hard to create a product that was reliable and energy-efficient. Using silicone encapsulated LEDs with an IP67 rating, as well as premium Tridonic LED drivers, we developed LED trough lighting like no other.
With further development and evolution, in 2017, we launched the Nanolight - the most cutting-edge trough light on the market. We executed a thorough product development process to ensure that it would offer an industry-leading trough lighting solution that was unlike anything else on the market. As such, our Nanolight is the slimmest and most advanced trough light there is.

The comprehensiveness of our design process is exemplified by our IP66 rating. This rating, which is set out in the Ingress Protection Code scale, that was created by the International Electrotechnical Commission, clearly demonstrates our passion for product quality. Not only do we make careful considerations regarding the design of our products, but we also conduct thorough research to ensure that our design decisions are informed by data. This data-driven approach ensures our products meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our Nanolight maintains excellent brightness at all times, yet consumes approximately 30% less power than other competing units.

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