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Investing In Energy Efficient Lighting

Why Investing In Energy-Efficient Lighting,
Like Our Nanolight, Is Important

There’s never been a greater emphasis on the need to invest in efficient lighting than now, both in domestic properties and within businesses too. But, what exactly is energy-efficient lighting? Quite simply, energy efficiency is achieved when a lighting solution maintains great quality whilst saving energy which, in this case, is electricity. To achieve energy efficiency, many people and businesses are now making the switch from halogen bulbs and incandescent lamps to alternatives such as LED technology, like what’s used in our Nanolight.

So, why is saving energy, or electricity, important?

Firstly, and perhaps most important for your business, saving energy can help you to save money. The initial purchase price of an energy-efficient bulb is usually higher than a traditional, older alternative. However, in the long run, these newer bulbs aren’t as expensive to operate. As such, you can save money over the lifespan of the bulb. Ultimately, and to put it simply, because you aren’t using as much electricity to operate your Nanolight, especially when compared to other traditional alternatives that use a lot of energy, your electricity bill won’t be as expensive. Many newer bulbs, like energy-efficient LED bulbs, also tend to last a lot longer than traditional bulbs. This means there’s no need for maintenance and frequent replacements, which can also help you save money.

Whilst these solutions can help to save energy and money, efficient lighting also maintains high quality and doesn’t compromise on the light that’s emitted. With our Nanolight, your signage will still stay light and bright, helping your business to attract the attention of passers-by at all times. LED strips, like the ones used in our trough lighting, are said to be the brightest type of technology on the market as they offer more lumens for the same amount of watts than legacy alternatives.
With our Nanolight, you get brightly illuminated signs at an affordable cost - Nanolight is the brightest and most efficient LED Sign Light in the world. Nanolight consumes only 10 Watts of power per metre and outputs an industry-leading and unrivalled 200 Lumens per Watt. This is an impressive 2000 Lumens per metre.

Lumens are, quite simply, a measure of light that’s visible to the human eye. So, the higher the number of lumens per Watt, the better the lighting. The LED strip technology we use ensures that your entire sign is evenly illuminated, no matter how big it is.

As well as the benefits to your business, investing in energy-efficient lighting can also help you to lower your carbon footprint. According to The Climate Group, 5% of global CO2 emissions come from lighting. However, when compared to older technologies, LED lighting can achieve energy savings of 50-70%. A global switch to this technology has the potential to save over 1.4m tonnes of carbon dioxide. If sustainability is at the heart of your business, or forms part of your core values, then investing in lighting that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint is essential, and a great way to live up to your values.
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