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Written by: Leon Bagga

Why Are My LED Lights Not Working? 5 Reasons Why Your LED Lights Might Not Work

Whilst LED lights provide an energy-efficient and effective source of illumination, as with any product, you may have some difficulty when it comes to getting your LED bulbs to work. The reasons for this can vary considerably from the power source to the bulb itself. Reasons often include a faulty power supply, loose connections, a faulty circuit design, or even damage due to water ingress caused by rain. Whatever the reason is for your LED lights not working and whatever the tell-tale signs are, there’s usually a solution to the issue.

In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the reasons why your LED lights aren’t working properly. Of course, investing in reliable solutions and having them fitted by a professional is always the best preventative measure to avoid faulty LED lights. However, if you do need some advice then check out our tips below.

If you are looking for reliable LED lighting solutions, then our Leeds-based lighting manufacturing team would be happy to help. You can browse our products online and if you have any questions, get in touch with our team by emailing

My LED Lights Aren’t Working Properly Because...

...They Don’t Work At All

If you can’t get your LED lights to work at all and have suffered a loss of power, then it’s likely that there is a fault with the power supply itself. A power supply is an electrical device that provides electrical power to a load. Its main role is to convert the current from a source to the right frequency in order to power the load, as well as the right current and voltage. If you have access to several supplies, then you can simply try another to see if this works. If you don’t, then you will need to purchase a new power supply.

To avoid this issue with power supplies, follow advice and guidance regarding the correct power supply for your LED lights. When it comes to installing and setting up an LED light, the process may be a little more complex than if you were using traditional alternatives, such as an incandescent bulb. LED bulbs run on low voltage DC and therefore require a power supply that converts 120V/240 AC into the voltage signal that LED lights use, although this is location dependent.

Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have about choosing the right power supply unit.

...They Flicker Or Flash

You may notice that your LED strip is flashing in a consistent sequence. For example, it might be flashing regularly at one-second intervals. If this is the case, it’s likely that your power supply is overloaded. In other words, you have connected too much to the power supply. If the power supply realises it’s been overloaded, it will still turn on but then it’ll turn back off again immediately. This cycle repeats itself, which is what causes the flashing or flickering appearance.

To solve this issue, there are a few things that you can do. Firstly, you could invest in a larger power supply that can handle the wattage that’s required. If this is the case, you need a power supply greater than the total wattage of the lighting. Alternatively, you might want to get another power supply that’s the same as your existing one. That way, you can split the strip across the two. Depending on what the LED strip is for and what you’re working on, you may wish to reduce the number of strips that you’re using on that power supply if your project and application allows it.

If the flickering is accompanied by a buzzing noise, as is quite common, then check out the section below.

...There’s A Buzzing Noise Coming From Them

LED bulbs may flicker or buzz if the current isn’t constant. The reasons as to why the current isn’t consistent can vary. For instance, you may have a high-powered appliance, such as an electric fan, within the same circuit as your LED bulbs, which require a lot less power. LED bulbs have internal drivers so that they can reduce the input voltage that comes through to them. However, turning on a high-powered appliance can cause a surge in the circuit. To solve this issue, it’s best to get an electrician to examine the circuit.

If you’ve got a dimmer switch for your LEDs, any flickering and/or buzzing may be a result of having the wrong dimmer switch. You may have had a dimmer switch installed previously for old-style light bulbs, meaning that it’s not suitable for newer alternatives such as LEDs. Having a dimmer with the incorrect wattage will mean that you can’t effectively and smoothly dim your LEDs, so make sure you get advice regarding the dimmer you need. Incidentally, our team are more than capable of advising you about dimmer solutions, even though we don’t sell them.

If you’ve eliminated other causes, you may have a loose wire connection. If that’s the case, it’s best to have an electrician inspect it.

...They Aren’t As Bright As They Should Be

If you’ve installed your LED light bulbs and discover that they aren’t as bright as they should be, then there are a few common reasons for this issue, all of which can be resolved. Firstly, the issue may be caused by an improper power supply. If the rated voltage and current is not compatible, the LEDs are unable to achieve maximum brightness. Our experts can help you to select a driver, but if you’d like to use your own, then you need to know the power, voltage, and current input of the LED bulbs so that you can select a compatible driver.

The driver will usually have details on it regarding the output voltage as well as other necessary information so that you can select the right one. As well as this, loose wires can also reduce the light input - most of the time, an electrician can carry out any necessary maintenance on this.

If you’ve had your LED lights for some time and notice that the brightness has started to decrease, this is not a ‘problem’ per se. This dimming is a natural part of the ageing and deterioration process as the light bulb gets older - as it ages, the lumen output will decrease. However, it’s important to stress that given the lifespan of LEDs, which is typically around two to three decades, it’s rare that this is the issue causing the lack of brightness.

...They Seem To Burn Out Easily

You may notice that your LEDs seem to burn out easily. One of the main reasons for this is because the LED bulbs have been put into fittings that have traditional, older bulbs in there. LEDs do not generate as much heat as old-style bulbs and they struggle with high temperatures. If they’re close to, or in, an enclosed fitting with bulbs that have a high wattage and therefore emit a lot of heat, this may be the cause of your bulbs failing earlier than expected.

To avoid this issue, you should replace all of the bulbs in a fitting at once, rather than waiting for them to blow. By doing so, you can reduce the chance of overheating and you’ll have a more consistent light output too.

Our Range Of Reliable LED Lighting Solutions

Here at Vision Lighting, we have a range of lighting products, many of which are designed for business signage but span several different applications for both commercial and domestic properties. As well as benefitting from effective lighting solutions, we also offer our customers a variety of accessories, including cables and wall brackets, to ensure that your product can be installed with ease, for a professional finish.

Nanolight LED Trough Light

The Brightest, Most Waterproof, Most Reliable Trough Light In The UK.

One of the most popular products is our very own Nanolight - the first of its kind in the UK to have an IP66 rating. This rating means that the Nanolight has survived testing against powerful jets of water, with the components still intact and fully functional after the test. This makes it a highly reliable trough light to illuminate business signage and branding - businesses don’t have to worry about the weather conditions affecting their signage and its effect on passers-by. The Nanolight can be installed in many different ways, including above or below the signage, to achieve maximum impact. Purchase your Nanolight, or Nanolight Pictorial set today.

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Besides our industry-leading trough light, we have a variety of products on offer for both business and domestic purposes. These include our modules, which can be installed in hard-to-reach areas thanks to their compact size and come in different versions including single, double, and triple modules. Other products also include our floodlights, which are ideal for illuminating signage and keeping your property secure, and our LED strip lights, which can be cut to size based on your needs.

Looking For An LED Lighting Product? Check Out Our Range And Get In Touch For More Information

As evident in this blog, LED lights can always be easily fixed if there are any issues. However, investing in reliable lighting solutions that are designed and manufactured by experts is the best way of avoiding these frustrating problems in the first place. Luckily, LED solutions crafted by experts are exactly what you’ll find here at Vision Lighting.

Our lighting products are suitable for a wide range of applications, including business signage and some domestic applications. If you’re looking to invest in LED lighting solutions as a cost-effective and energy-efficient light source, then we’ve got a range of products for you. If you know what you want to achieve but aren’t sure about the right product for you, then our team will be happy to assist you.

If you need LED products, look no further than the range at Vision Lighting. Take a look at our products on-site and contact our team if you have any questions.

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