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Nanolight Glow

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What Is Nanolight?
The Most Waterproof Sign Lights In The United Kingdom

Nanolight LED Sign Light IP66 Waterproof Trough Lighting for Signage
IP66 Icon to illustrate Nanolight LED Sign Light Waterproof Rating

Our Nanolight, as we mentioned, is a specially designed type of LED sign light which makes it one of the most efficient products on the market. The Nanolight we manufacture only ,consumes 11.5 Watts per metre and gives off a remarkable 2185 Lumens per metre, this means you're getting more light for your money because each component has been tuned to be as optimised, and as bright as possible. Most competitors would settle for fewer Lumens, or simply not focus on metre power consumption at all, here at Vision Lighting, however, we're passionate about providing you with a product that is a great investment, good value for money, and features the latest technology. We don't think it is unreasonable for companies to expect all that.

While most LED trough lights are tested to an Ingress Protection Rating (IP) of 65, which is a way of measuring the protection offered by electrical enclosures against solids and liquids, our Nanolight is the only product in the UK that has been tested to the IP66 rating. To achieve an IP rating of 65, an LED sign light must be able to withstand the spray from a jet washer, aimed directly at it, for 3 minutes. However, to achieve an IP66 rating, our Nanolight was sprayed with 300 litres of water from fire hoses, in all directions. After this 3 minute test, the electrical components inside were bone dry.

Surviving this level of rigour is why we were awarded the IP66 rating which all but guarantees that, if you purchase a Nanolight for your sign, you'll never have to worry about it breaking, or being damaged by the weather. This leaves you to focus on your business, safe in the knowledge people can see your signage clearly.

In fact, we are so confident in Nanolight’s ability to keep water and dust out that we do not use waterproof internal components, unlike other competitors who have no other option but to use IP67 internals to

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