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Outdoor Patio Seating area illuminated at night by wall lights
Written by: Leon Bagga

Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas: 10 Ways To Illuminate Your Garden

When summer arrives and sunny spells bring us warm temperatures, our attention immediately shifts to the garden. Being in your garden when it’s bright and sunny outside is euphoric - but when the sun goes in we’re left without that gleeful illumination - which is where patio lighting comes into play!

Outdoor patio lighting is crucial for establishing a particular ambience and atmosphere in your garden - it can enhance the mood and aesthetic of your space while also providing extra security for your home.

When you choose Vision Lighting for your outdoor and patio lighting desires, you will benefit from an extensive range of high-quality lighting products and an outstanding commitment to customer service.

12 Patio Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Garden

Getting your garden ready for those gloriously warm evenings is a must. Let's take a look at some of the top patio lighting ideas to keep yours fully functioning as night-time falls.

1. Illuminate Your Patio With Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Garden Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are a fantastic and practical way to illuminate your outdoor space and patio area - they could light up your entire patio or just a designated area. Our wide selection of LED wall light products are extremely energy efficient and boast both style and performance.

Depending on where you plan on placing your exterior wall lights, you should install them with the aim of illuminating a sizable amount of space. This way they can help to transform your patio into an outdoor area that is well lit and accessible at any time of day.

Wall lights look spectacular and will allow you to enjoy your patio area even more when night-time comes around.

2. Plant Spotlights Around Your Garden

Outdoor Garden Spotlights positioned in vegetation to light up flower bed

Spotlights are a must when it comes to outdoor lighting ideas! To ensure the ground of your outdoor space is adequately illuminated, you could plant some spotlights around the parameters of your patio or decking area by either installing them on surrounding walls or placing them in the ground and planters.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, planting spotlights will also help you prevent any tripping-related accidents from occurring in the dark since you’ll be able to see the ground more clearly.

Our LED spotlight range will provide your entire garden area with a wealth of illumination and an ambient glow. For extra security, add some outdoor solar security lights.

3. Go Traditional With LED Lanterns

Outdoor small LED post Lantern in black mounted onto a wall in a garden

Bottom and top arm LED wall lanterns are a traditional yet super-stylish approach to bringing some elegant lighting to your patio or outdoor space. They’d look amazing in the front and back of your home, as well as on the surrounding walls of your patio space. Our JCC LED lanterns - which come in both a top or bottom arm variation - are decorative outdoor wall lights that boast a contemporary take on a traditional design. They’re extremely affordable and last for several years, providing your garden with vast illumination and accent lighting.

4. Add Strip Lights To All Furniture

Outdoor Garden LED Strip Lighting

Believe us, this will be the best decision you ever make! There is simply no better or more creative way to illuminate your outdoor patio area, while also bringing a sense of flair and charm, than by adding LED strip lights to your outdoor furniture. By simply sticking some inexpensive yet efficient LED strips to the bottom of - or edges and outlines - of your furniture, your entire patio area will be transformed into an incredibly warming and stunning centrepiece.

Your furniture will stand out from the rest of the garden. You could even change the colours and lighting modes of your LED lights to make some sort of a light spectacle in your now illuminated garden.

Your furniture will be glowing, and the look it gives off will make your patio space look state of the art, luxurious and expensive. Best of all, you can install our cost-effective and versatile LED strips on just about anything to give it a beautiful glow - including on your shed and patio stairs.

5. LEDs Everywhere

LEDs Installed in a garden all over to illuminate the space

LED is the best light source nowadays, and it’s equally the best outdoor lighting option too - for good reason! LED lighting is a fantastic option for exterior lighting since it performs better in colder climates than other light sources and can give off a harsh or soft glow. LED lights are a fantastic choice for an outdoor light source owing to their incredible range, intensity, and extensive longevity.

If you’re looking to renovate your garden, be sure to plan ahead for the implementation of LED strip lighting before any work is carried out. This ensures that the landscaper can plan ahead and incorporate the lighting into the design work - this will save time and minimise the mess created at the end of the garden project!

So why not install LEDs in all sorts of places around your patio? You won’t need many LEDs - just one lamp will provide sufficient illumination - but you could install LED strip lights or mini spotlights under patio furniture or in planters to add some extra creative lighting. It can also be useful to utilise LED strip profiles when installing these lightings, particularly when mounting them on a surface or recessed into walls.

6. Enchanting Illumination With Fairy Lights

LED Fairy Lights in a garden

Fairy lights are without a doubt the ultimate outdoor lighting solution to achieving a magical glow in your garden. Scattering LED fairy lights around your outdoor space will instantly make it look like some sort of enchanted garden where your mood will feel uplifted.

There are a plethora of possibilities when it comes to hanging your fairy lights - from adding some sparkle lighting by placing fairy lights on your surrounding fencing to hanging them from branches.

Most fairy lights come with flexible options that can allow you to change colour and setting - you could have them blinking, fading or twinkling like stars. Forget staring at the stars at night, LED fairy lights will transmit a gentle glow that’ll leave you dazzled for hours.

7. Install LED Floodlights For Safety And Style

Garden Floodlights

When it comes to saturating a large outdoor area with an abundance of intense light a night, floodlights are the most ideal solution. Floodlights are not a discreet lighting solution, but it's the reason why many people choose them for their gardens. They're one of the better options for those who are concerned about safety since they can prevent burglars and can also help to make your outdoor space useful and visible when the sun goes in.

LED floodlights can come in a number of light ranges, which allows your home to enjoy additional security. They also serve as a visual deterrent, which will give you peace of mind if you’re wary of intruders entering your garden.

Large outdoor areas can be pleasantly illuminated by LED floodlights, which are frequently installed in domestic spaces and commercial areas such as on the outside of bars, restaurants, hotels, billboards, and various other structures. We have a complete selection of high-efficiency LED floodlights for your home’s garden in addition to a variety of floodlights for commercial use and nationwide rollouts.

8. Turn Your Trees Into Light Features

A large tree covered in lighitng illuminating a table and chairs underneath in a picnic setting at night

It's easy yet effective to create some flair and atmosphere in your outdoor patio space by uplighting your trees or plants. Make sure that the light is only focused on each tree, highlighting its distinct sculptural design so that the trees resemble living masterpieces that are good to look at.

You could stare at your trees all night from your comfy patio furniture, while also having a pretty source of illumination standing in your garden. Wrap some fairy lights around your trees or hang some fancy lights from the branches to make your garden an enchanted one. You could even add some solar lights outdoors or place solar garden lights below the trees.

9. Add Up And Down Lights To Your Walls

Outdoor Up and Down Wall Lights

Similar to your home’s interior lighting, outdoor lighting can have a massive impact on establishing the mood and defining the atmosphere of your space. By having the right exterior wall lights - up and down fixed wall lights work best in this case - you should be able to disperse enough light to set the most perfect ambience in your garden.

If you’re throwing a relaxed evening garden party, our modern outdoor downlights will be perfect for making the atmosphere both classy and relaxed. Your guests will feel comforted with the addition of downlights or spotlights neatly adjusted to your patio walls.

10. Have Permanent Wall Lights Fitted

Permanent Wall Lights

For this garden lighting idea, you'll need the assistance of a licensed electrician - all worth it though. Permanent lighting fixtures placed around the garden have the benefit of providing you with year-round illumination. You can still generate a pleasant ambient feeling out of season if you have access to energy and aren't dependent on the sun, which is scarce throughout winter here in the UK.

Together with being beneficial next to walkways and stairways in your garden, wall lights emit a warm glow, making it far more safe and convenient to navigate around the garden in low light.

Nanolights make a perfect addition to a domestic setting. Whether you choose to install them above a bifolding door, place them by the garage doors or utilise them for their colour changing capabilities around the driveway, our selection of nanolights will be sure to make an impact.

Illuminate your garden with high-quality patio lighting

At Vision Lighting, we have a friendly and experienced team who can provide expert advice should you need it.

In the decade that we have been thriving in the lighting industry, we have worked hard to perfect and refine our extensive lighting and LED product range. In this way, we have been providing homes and commercial settings with the best and most excellent solutions that give off magnificent illumination.

Our high-quality patio lighting is affordable and will endure for a very long time - get yours today!

Remember: if our ideas have inspired you today, ensure to implement them with products that are IP rated and suitable for outdoor use.

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